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Laws and Government

What does the Judicial Branch consist of ? the states courts
What is the highest ranking court in the Georgia Court System? supreme court
Whats is the 2nd highest ranking state court? court of appeals
What do courts do? enforce laws,case laws,protects citizens from abuses of gov't,etc....
What is the Grand Jury? a jury that determines whether or not a person is accused of crimes should be indicted and required to stand trial
What does the Juvenile Court handle? cases that involve people under the age of 17
What is a Trial Jury? a group of citizens who are charged with judging a person charged with a crime
What is a misdemeanor? a less serious crime such as getting a speeding ticket in which you spent less than a year in prison and have to pay 1,000 dollars
What is a way to settle a dispute peacefully? filing a lawsuit
What is the "seven deadly sins"? 7 violent offenses that people from the ages of 13-17 commit
What does the Judicial Branch do? interpret the state constitution
What are statutory laws? laws that were passed by the General Assembly
Define felony..... a serious crime such as murder,burglary,in which you have spent more then a year in prison or a fine of at least 1,000 dollars
Civil case definition? a dispute between two or more people or groups
Criminal case def.... a case in which a person violates the law
Define municipality a city that has its own government
What were Georgia's first 2 cities? savannah and augusta
Which isn't a criminal charge? divorce
What is a county? a subdivision of the state set up to carry out certain governmental functions
Most county governments are headed by..... boards of commissioners
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