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Plant Form and Func.

AP Bio, Chap 23

The flowering plant are commonly called _____. Angiosperm
How are the functions of roots and shoots similar and different? Roots are underground; shoots are above ground. Both are vital for the plant: roots gather water, while shoots conduct photosynthesis
What characteristics show the difference between monocots and dicots? Monocots only have one cotyledon in their seeds, compared to two. Their pollen has one pore, compared to three. Also, their leaves form a parallel pattern, compared to the net pattern of dicots.
Why should all structures of plants, including “typical” leaves, roots and stems be considered “special adaptations”? Because all of these parts are adaptations from their sea-living ancestors
Why do trees eventually die after being girdled? The inner tree is dead, with only the bark alive. If that layer, containing phloem sap, is removed; the tree has to die
What’s the casparian strip? How does it work? A thickened wall surrounding primary roots to prevent excess soil solutions from being absorbed.
A sweet potato has no “eyes” such as those found on a white potato because sweet potato is a ____-adapted for food storage, whereas the white potato is an underground ____ adapted for the same purpose. Root; stem
Carnivorous plants, such as Venus flay trap, trap insects as a source of ______-which is difficult to obtain from the boggy soils in which they live. Nitrogen
What would happen if a plant didn’t have waxes? What might happen to the endodermis? What effects might that have on the plant, and why? The plant would stop absorbing water, and would die
Describe the process by which nitrogen-fixing bacteria form nodules on the roots of legumes. The bacteria invade the root system, and form staying nodules on the roots.
In the myccohizal relationship, how do both the fungus and the plant benefit? The plant feeds the fungi, while the fungi give the plant nutrients
What is the role of abscisic acid in controlling the closing of stomata? Abscisic acid is the hormone that triggers the openings and closings.
The major factors which affection the opening and closing of stomate are what? It closes when soil water is insufficient to keep up with transpiration
Water moves in the phloem by ________ pressure. turgor
In what form can plants obtain nitrogen? Plants absorb nitrogen through their roots as amino acids.
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