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Test 3


Atraer to attack
confiar en to trust in
conquetear to flirt
dejar a alguin to leave someone
dejar plantado to stand someone up
descutir to argue
merecer to deserve
meterse en lios to get in trouble
odiar to hate
piropear to compliment
ponerse to become, get
querer to love
danino harmful
duradero lasting
exitoso succesful
genial wonderful
inolvidable unforgettable
pasajero fleeting
tempestuoso stormy
alucinado amazed
apenado pained,sad
asqueado repulsed
asustado frightened
avergonzado embarrassed
cauteloso cautious
confundido confused
emocionado excited
halagado flattered
harto fed up with, sick of
nostalgico homesick
perdido lost
rabioso furious
satesfecho satisfied
el alma gemela kindred spirit
la amistad friendship
el compromiso commitment
el frecaso failure
le media neranja soul mate
el noviazco courtship
el resentimiento resentment
el riesgo risk
el trato treatment
Created by: Emagdnim613