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oncology mj

prostate cancer to the end

prostate cancer high survival rate if detected early*
most common in men older than 50 and grows slowly prostate cancer
s/s of prostate cancer decreased urinary flow and difficulty starting stream
back pain, hematuria hemospermia, erectile dysfunction
diagnosis of prostate cancer is rectal exam and elevated PSA*
most common treatment for prostate cancer prostatectomy*
after treatment for prostate cancer we want clear pink urine*
cancer of the penis occurs more often in uncircumcised men
warm, dark, moist place uncircumcised men
cancer of the penis in the advanced stages requires amputation of external male genitala
cancer of the testes rapidly metastasizing malignancy
25-34 yrs old leading cause of death (cancer of the testes)
s/s of cancer of the testes hard, non-tender lump felt on palpation, swelling, aching in testes.
most common type of cancer in the US skin ca
pale, fair skinned skin ca most common in
three types of skin ca: basal, squamous cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma
skin ca/ most common, small, shiny gray or _____ plaque yellow
grows slowly, rarely metastasizes, common recurs basal cell carcinoma*
occurs in sun exposed areas such as the ears, nose, hands and scalp* squamous cell carcinoma*
can metastasize through the blood and lymph* squamous cell carcinoma*
malignant melanoma* arises from pre-existing moles anywhere on the body*
poor prognosis because of distant metastases* malignant melanoma*
s/s appearance of growth or change in color of the skin malignant melanoma
surgical excision, _______, or radiation theraphy for ________, __________ cryosurgery, basal cell, squamous cell
________ excision of tumor and adjacent tissues and chmotherapy for ______ radical melanoma
main nursing consideration for pt. with ca* pain control and comfort*
s/s of infection elevated WBC count, pain redness, drainage
alterations in self image, grieving, immobility after surgery
pt. and family teaching most important is* pt. have a right to know their diagnosis*
Created by: vmichellejones