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Kennedy KP Ch 22

Skeletal, Muscular, Integumentary System Review

skeletal system collection of organs that work together to support & protect the body
jobs of bones protection, storage, movement, blood cell formation
parts of bone compact bone, spongy bone, red marrow, yellow marrow, cartilage, blood vessels
compact bone outside shell of bone
spongy bone inside layer of bone with many open spaces; provides support and strength
red marrow creates red blood cells
yellow marrow stores fat
cartilage soft and flexible connective tissue; cushions joints
joint place where two bones meet
sliding joint bones glide over one another (hand)
ball and socket joint bone moves freely in all directions (shoulder/hip)
hinge joint bone moves in two directions line a door (knee, elbow)
ligaments holds two or more bones together
tendons connects muscle to bone
muscular system collection of organs that work together to move parts of your body
smooth muscle found in digestive tract and blood vessels, involuntary
cardiac muscle found in the heart, involuntary
skeletal muscle moves bones, voluntary
voluntary movement muscle action you can control
involuntary movement muscle action that you cannot control
flexor muscle that works to bend part of the body
extensor muscle that works to straighten part of the body
resistance exercise develops the size and strength of skeletal muscles
aerobic exercise increases endurance of skeletal muscle and strengthens heart
integumentary system a collection of organs that work together to help your body maintain a healthy internal environment (hair, skin, nails)
function of skin protection, sense of touch, temperature regulation, removes waste
melanin darkening chemical in skin
epidermis upper layer of skin
dermis lower thicker layer of skin containing blood vessels, nerves, muscle, hair follicles, oil glands, sweat glands
hair protects skin from the sun and nose and eyes from dust and dirt
Created by: akennedy76