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Astronomy lesson 5

Apologia Astronomy lesson 5

God designed the Earth perfectly for us. Name the seven things that make the Earth the perfect planet to support life. Perfect Distance, Perfect Mass, Perfect Atmosphere, Perfect Rotation, Perfect Tilt,Perfect Land, Perfect Magnetosphere
Name the four layers of Earth. crust, mantle, outer core, inner core
The imaginary line that divides the Earth into two Hemispheres is called the ____________ . equator
The Earth is divided in half by the equator. The area above the equator is called the ____________ ________________ . Northern Hemisphere
The Earth is divided in half by the equator. The area below the equator is called the _____________ _______________ . Southern Hemisphere
What is matter? It is the "stuff" that makes up everything around you, including you.
____________ is the measure of how much matter is in something. Mass
Mass is important on Earth because it determines the amount of _____________ that Earth has. gravity
A _______________ ______________ is how long it takes a planet to rotate a complete turn on its axis, which is one day on that planet. rotational period
The ________________ is the layer of mist and gases that surrounds a planet. atmosphere
The word atmosphere comes from the Latin, "atmos" which means water vapor or __________ and "sphere" which means ________. steam, ball
"Shooting stars" are actually space rocks that hit the Earth's atmosphere and burn up. If a piece of a space rock makes it to Earth, it is called a ________________ . meteorite
The tilt of the Earth is the reason that we have ______________ . seasons
Earth is a (terrestrial or gaseous) planet. terrestrial
Approximately how far is Earth from the Sun? 93 million miles(93,000,000 miles)
A year on Earth is approximately how many days? 365
A day on Earth is how many hours? 24
Created by: amcollins