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TJ Science

Earth Science chapter 12 Freshwater section 1 and 2

BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand
EPA Enviromental Protection Agency is a branch of the federal govnerment charged with the responsibility of protecting H2O.
What is the name of the agency that is responsile for implementing the natural water quality standards in SC SC Department of Health and Environment SCDHEC
concentration the measure of one substance in a contain volume of another substance. Measure BOD, TSS, DO and Turbidity
The measure of how much oxygen is needed and used by organisms during decomposition BOD- Biochemical Oxygen Demand
TSS Total Suspended Solids
The amount of solid particles present in H2O TSS -Total Suspended Solids
Drinking water comes from? lakes, rivers, reservoirs and ground water (aquafors)
Water from public and private sources needs treatment to be safe for human consumption and appealing to drink (True or False) True
A measurement of the substances in H2O besudes H20 modecules. water quality
Some substances in H20 are harmless and tasteless, while others effect taste and color. Give an example iron
Some substances in H20 can be harmful to human health. Give an example Microrganisms
How is water quality measured? PH, Hardness, conductivity and DCO
DCO measurement of bacteria such as E Coli.
A measurement related to the amount of minerals or metals that are conductive in H20 conductivity
measure of how acidic or bagie the H20 is measured ona scale of 0-14 PH
O-=14 O=acidic, - = neutral, 4=basic
Hardness a measure of 2 minerals, calcium and magnesium in H20
The harder the levels of minerals in the water the harder to make soap later and bubbles True or False True
The presence of mammal's waste in the water may contain diseases causing organisms. True or False True
Cryptosporium disease causing organisms this parasitic protist one sip can contaminte your water
Water treatment plants make H20 safe to drink True or False True
What is the water treatment process? Filtration, Coagulation, Chlorination
The process of removing salt from H20 Desalination
A chemcial alum is added to the H20 to form sticky grolof called flocs. Then the water is filtered againg to remove the flocs coagulation
Choloring is added to the H20 to kill diseases Chlorination
Water is renewable True or False True
When does water shortage occurs? To little water and a great demand for water
A condition of scarce rainfall over a few years. Drought
Drought effects both surface and ground water True or False True
Using a resource wisely so that it is not used up (wise use) conservation
Preservation not using a resource at all so that it is not used up (no use)
Water convervations the 3 R's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
use less Reduce
using a product over and over again reuse
making new stuff with old stuff recycle
One method of desaltination where H20 us boiled until it evaporates leaving any salt, or other undesirable maerials behind distillatium
Icebergs fresh water; a controversial source due to climate change
Created by: Special KJ