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TE 4th 6weeks Review

Review for Newton's Laws, Plate Tectonics, Topography, and Satellite

Newton's 1st Law Law of Inertia
Newton's 2nd Law Law of Acceleration
Newton's 3rd Law Action -Reaction
Newton's 1st Law/Law of Inertia definition an object in motion will remain in motion and an object at rest will remain at rest until acted upon by another force
Acceleration definition speeding up, slowing down, or changing direction
unbalanced force the reason things change what they are doing
When a ball is at rest and you push it to a friend is an example of what law? Newton's 1st Law
Convection definition warm air rises then cools and sinks back down
Cause of currents caused by the uneven heating of the Earth due to Earth's tilt
Depostition result can cause waterways to become shallower and narrower
Coriolis Effect definition deflection of objects and wind and ocean currents due to the Earth's rotation on its axis
Contour Interval definition The distance between two contour lines
Steeper slope is shown by The closer the contour lines the steeper the slope
Divergent Plate Boundary movement when tectonic plates move apart
Effect of Divergent Plate Boundary mid-ocean ridges, rift valleys, valcones, sea-floor spreading
Convergent Plate Boundary movement when tectonic plates come together or converge
Effect of Convergent Plate Boundary folded mountain ranges, trenches, and earthquakes
Subduction Convergent Boundary movement more dense crust is pushed under less dense crust and re-melted/re-cycled into the Earth's mantle
Transform Plate Boundary movement plates slide past each other
Effect of Transform Boundary earthquakes and faults
Formula for Force Force = Mass x Acceleration
How to calculate mass Mass = Force ÷ Acceleration
How to calculate acceleration Acceleration = Force ÷ Mass
Evidence of Pangea Plants and Fossils of identical species on continents separated by oceans
Result of sea-floor spreading oceanic plates move apart allowing magma to fill the gap and form ridges and volcanoes
forward forces must equal backward forces What must be true in order for a moving object to continue moving forward at a constant speed
the smaller object A small object and a large object are moving at the same speed, which object will require less force to stop?
Newton's 3rd Law example When two plate boundaries collide there is an equal and opposite force
keep sediment out of roadways and rivers vegetation on sloped areas of land is important because they____________
Warmer water temperature produce more severe hurricanes
unbalanced force due to gravity In our inertia day lab, we caused a pen resting on top of a round hoop to drop into a bottle by quickly removing the hoop. Why did the pen drop?
How are hurricanes fueled? Warm water vapor when it evaporates
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