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Irish Region

GDA tertiary activities

Transport Core economic region of the country, focal point of all road and rail links, M1-M11 connect to the GDA, linked to all urban areas
M50 semi-circle around the city, transport infrastructure of the GDA benefited from the NDP, transport infrastructure was poor and underdeveloped
Economic boom increased car ownership, roads unable to cope with traffic volume, congestion become a major issue, speeds 22km/h in 1994 and 14km/h in 1997
Investment of modern transport system: DART commuter rail line, Luas tram lines, M50 6-lane motorway around Dublin
Port tunnel, QBC's, Dublin bus 120m passengers a year. 12'000 taxis access to QBC's, bike sharing scheme, Dublin Airport 21m passengers
Tourism More tourists than any other region in Ireland, main point of entry to the country, 90% of all scheduled flights
6m domestic tourists, does not solely rely on oversea tourists
tourism declined in 2008 (global recession), families had less money so looked for better value holidays
Increased again in 2014, 80% occupancy rates, wide rnage of tourist attractions sport and recreation
eg> Curragh and K Club; history, archaeology, eg> Newgrange, natural beauty eg Powerscort and Glendalough
Dublin city break, Guinness Brewery Dublin Zoo and Dublin Castle
Created by: Megan k
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