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Irish Region

GDA Primary activities

Climate Favour farming, averages 16C, arable farming-wheat, barely and oats
15% of Ireland's wheat is grown in the region: longer growing season, important for market gardening, early potatoes
20% of the national potato crop, Irish sea reduces risk of sereve frost, lessens damage to crops, GDA not as damp lower risk of diseases eg. blight
Soil highlt fertile brown earth soils, intensive farming of arable crops, stone-less and easily worked. Less labour intensive, calcium rich.
Markets Access to a large urban market, standard of living is higher, some disposable income. 50% of Ireland's greenhouses, thriving market gardening sector in Lusk
Transport links well developed, transport costs lower, ageing farmers, land abandonment and outdated practices not an issue@ young farmers average age 37
Family enterprises- land not subdivided, farms larger (42 hectares) than in West, food processing larger scale than the West
Large Foods (Tatyo)- 10% national potato crop, Guinness- wheat and barley: satellite towns provide other big markets
Created by: Megan k
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