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LS 1-4, 1-5, 3-1, 4-6

Pollen yellow powder produced by the stamen of a flower
pollination transfer of pollen grains from the male anther to the female stigma
asexual reproduction reproduction not requiring fertilization; involves one parent
sexual reproduction biological process y plants and animals; combining their genetic material; two parents
stigma part of a flower that receives pollen during pollination
anther part of the flowers stamen that contains the pollen
ovary female reproductive organ that produces eggs
hormonal production of chemicals for specific purposes
olfactory what is heard and/or smelled vocal signals scent markings
pheromones chemical signal that stimulates a response from others
plumage colorful feathers
bio luminescence chemical ability to create a glow/light
courtship communication signals that reduce fear and hostility between potential partners for mating
genetics science of how genes which determine how an organism inherits physical and behavioral characteristics
environmental factors surroundings and conditions in which plants or animals lives and operates It supplies the resources needed for best growth & survival
mutations changes in the genetic material
chromosomes storage unit for DNA
genes instructions for our bodies; directions for building all proteins
DNA instructions in cells; holds genetic info.
protein result of amino acid codons; used to express traits
gene therapy when DNA is introduced into a patient to treat a genetic mutation
beneficial mutation a mutation that helps/improve/provides advantage to an organism
harmful mutation a mutation that harms/decreases advantage to an organism
neutral mutation mutation that does not help nor hurt an organism
natural selection changes in genetic traits over manyy generations
What are the advantages of asexual reproduction? one parent all organisms can reproduce short time ensure survival of species rapid population growth
What are the disadvantages of asexual reproduction? diversity is limited overpopulation genetic clones
What are the advantages of sexual reproduction? unique offspring variation of genes ensure the survival of species
What are the disadvantages of sexual reproduction? must have 2 organisms takes longer fertilization must occur
List the types of asexual reproduction tubers, runners, cuttings, stems
List the types of sexual reproduction spores, conifers, pollination, fertilization
Where are genes located? on chromosomes
What is a change in the DNA of a gene or chromosome? mutation
What is a change or the process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment? adaptation
What are the nitrogen base pairs in DNA? A - T T - A C - G G - C
What pairs with A in RNA? U
What type of mutation decrease "fitness"? harmful
Which type of mutation could lead to extinction? harmful
Which type of mutation increases an organism's chance for survival? beneficial
Which has no effect on "fitness"? neutral
Which body systems primary functions the continuation of the species? reproductive
Where are a sequence of bases in a strand found? DNA
What is a change in the bases of DNA? mutation
When a mutation occurs, they will change the amino acids resulting in different __________ being created. proteins
Changes in proteins will result in a change tot he organism's ______. traits
What do animals compete for? water, shelter, food, space
A physical or behavioral characteristic that is inherited and helps an organism survive and reproduce is _____. Adaptation
What is a mutagen? physical or chemical agents that changes the genetic material
What is gene therapy? techniques developed to replace mutated genes
What are environmental factors that affect living organisms? soil, temperature, space, food, light, wind, minerals
What are genetic factors that affect living organisms? color variation, personality, body structure, hybrid, disease
What are the reproductive structures of conifers? cones
What does a gene mutation affect in a cell? production of proteins
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