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AirQuality 2

Quiz 2

Why is stratospheric ozone important? Protects against UV B radiation. Stops skin cancer Protects phytoplankton Minimizes surface adsorption
Summarize the ozone production cycle. Elemental O + O2 =O3 O3 + heat=O2D O2D +N2O= NO
Summarize the Rowland Molina Theory. CFCs + heat produce radicals. Radicals react with ozone
Why were CFCs considered a miracle solvent? Low human toxicity; low reactivity; non flammable; high thermal absorption; useful
How much ozone can one radical react with? 100 000
How did the ozone hole work? ClO formed from radicals and ozone would turn to HOCl. This would accumulate in winter, but would be released with the sun
What are some impacts of UVB Sun burn, cataracts, and cancers (basal cell, squamosal, melanoma)
Compare the Montreal protocol to the Kyoto accord. Although both focused on developed countries, the Montreal protocol phased out CFCs, which had a replacement. Fossil fuels have no replacement which makes Kyoto a fail
Why didn't carbon dioxide used to be considered a pollutant? It is required for life
Are there more natural or anthropogenic sources of carbon dioxide? More natural sources
Major sink of carbon dioxide Photosynthesis
Minor sink of carbon dioxide oceanic deposition
Summarize the greenhouse effect increased gases lead to higher infrared absorption and global warming
Which has the highest global warming potential: carbon dioxide or methane? Methane
What natural things may influence global warming? the rotation/orbit of the earth by affecting energy distribution solar radiation flares
Two periods of major climate change World wars and development
Why is carbon dioxide lower in summer? Summer has vegetation, which absorbs carbon dioxide
Reasons for Kyoto accord failure Fossil fuels have no replacement Developing nations not taken into account More production No commitment
Summarize the Paris agreement. Global temperatures cannot exceep more than 2 degrees over pre industry conditions; carbon neutral by 2050; individual targets; developing countries into account; emission trade
Things AB is doing to combat climate change Carbon dioxide surcharge Coal phase out Hard cap the oil sands Decrease methane production Carbon tax
What is an atmospheric window? Certain wavelengths of infrared escape into outer space from earth
How does albedo affect global warming? overall, albedo helps to cool the earth by reflecting UV back to space
The type of light responsible for the greenhouse effect Infrared
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