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Biology Chapter 5

Chapter 5 information to study for test ATP

________ is a unit of energy used by living things. ATP
ATP stores _________ of potential energy. Lots
ATP is the gasoline for ______. Cells
The arrows in the ATP equation means __________ ____________. Release energy
ATP energy is released slowly! True or false False
ATP stands for? Adenosine triphosphate
ATP is converted to ________ (releases most energy). ADP; AMP ADP
ADP is converted to ______ (releases little energy). AMP
Adenine (amino acid, monomers, and used to build protein). ATP part 1
Ribose (foundation or sugar). ATP part 2
Phosphate 3 groups (molecule). This is P with a circle around it. ATP part 3
Carbohydrates broken down and energy used to build ATP. is called ___________________ __________________. Cellular respiration
Cellular respiration uses metabolism or sugar for _____________, ___________, ____________, and ________________ Protist/fungi/animals/bacteria
Combination of breaking down molecules and building molecules to make energy for the cell is called ___________________. Metabolism
Series of linked reactions that proceed in an orderly, step-by-step manner is called ______________ __________________. Metabolic pathway
All metabolic pathways are _________________ __________________ . Chemical reactions
___________ are channel proteins for water. Aquaporins
Energy required by one process is supplied by another process is called _______________ ________________. Coupled reaction
Energy-releasing reaction can drive an energy-____________ reaction. Requiring
The reaction to ATP breakdown is usually ___________ ___________. Energy release
ATP must couple with A & B before it can go to C & D to form ADP + P. True or false True
Created by: jwatts1