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WP week 5 and 6

MI woody plants common, scientific and family names

Aronia melanocarpa, Rosaceae Black chokeberry
Celastrus scandens, Celastraceae American bittersweet
Cephalanthus occidentalis, Rubiaceae Buttonbush
Corylus americana, Betulaceae American hazelnut
Gaultheria procumbens, Ericaceae Wintergreen
Gaylussacia baccata, Ericaceae Black huckleberry
Ilex verticillata, Aquifoliaceae Michigan holly
Nyssa sylvatica, Nyssaceae Blackgum
Quercus bicolor, Fagaceae Swamp white oak
Quercus palustris, Fagaceae Pin oak
Rhus copallina, Anacardiaceae Shining sumac
Robinia pseudoacacia Fabaceae, Black locust
Rosa spp, Rosaceae Rose
Rubus allegheniensis, Rosaceae Highbush blackberry
Rubus hispidus, Rosaceae Dwarf blackberry
Smilax tamnoides, Liliaceae Prickly greenbrier
Spirea alba, Rosaceae Meadowsweet
Vaccinium angustifolium, Ericaceae Low sweet blueberry
Zanthoxylum americanum, Rutaceae Prickly-ash
Created by: wildkarde13