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Peripheral Region

Mezzogiorno Population

Population Dynamics The Mazzogiorno makes up 40% of the land area but only has 35% of the population.
Lowlands more populated than mountainous areas. In lowland areas eg Campania population density is 400per km2. Basilicata has just 50per km2
Birth/Death rates Stage 5 of the DTM, low birth rates, ageing population
However, birth rates in the Mezzogiorno are higher than the EU average, mainly due to strong catholic ethos
Nonetheless, family sizes have started to decrease as women are staying in education longer
Low birth rate has a postive effect as there is less competition for jobs
Migration 2% of the Mezzogiorno's population are foreign nationals
Inward migration has occurred from refugees crossing the Mediterranean from north Africa
50'000 migrants enter the country illegally each year, taking up seasonal work picking fruit and veg
70% of the regions populaton lives in urban areas eg Naples bari and Taranto with only small hilltop towns existing inland
Hilltop towns experience outward migration to the large urban areas
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