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4th Grade Weather

What do you call air with the same temperature and moisture? Air masses
The weight of air pressing on everything around it is called Air pressure
What does a anemometer do? Determines wind speed
What do you call a layer of invisible gas that wraps around the planet like a blanket? Atmosphere
Description of the atmosphere in terms of wind, temperature, clouds and precipitation is called an Atmospheric condition
What measures atmospheric pressure (air pressure)? Barometer
What do you call wispy air weather clouds; rain or snow? Cirrus clouds
What do you get when a cold air mass is cutting under a warm air mass and lifting it? Cold Front
Cumulus clouds that have grown very tall; usually bringing severe storms are called Cumulonimbus clouds
Fluffy clouds that can bring storms if they grow too tall; also known as fair weather clouds are called Cumulus clouds
What do you call a boundary between air masses with different temperatures and water vapor content? Front
A prediction of future weather is called a Forecast
Big frozen raindrops which occur during severe thunderstorms; cold air turns a raindrop into a tiny chip of ice; violent winds push the drop back up into the cloud to be coated again and again with more layers of ice are called Hail
Fair weather is usually found in areas where air pressure is high; clouds and precipitation are usually found in areas where air pressure is low High and low air pressure
What do you call the amount of moisture in the air? Humidity
A huge, slow-moving storm that is fueled by heat and energy from warm ocean waters. Hurricane
Anemometer, thermometer, barometer, and rain gauge are examples of Meteorological tools
What do you call a scientist who studies the weather? Meteorologist
Which cloud is known as a rain cloud? Nimbus
Rain, sleet, snow, and hail are all types of Precipitation
When cloud droplets become too heavy to stay in the cloud they fall toward the Earth as liquid water known as ____ Rain
What instrument is used to tell how much rain has fallen in an area? Rain gauge
What do you call a falling snowflake that melts by passing through warm air, refreezes by passing through cold air and becomes a block of ice? Sleet
What are tiny ice crystals that attract to each other as they fall toward the ground? Snow
Smooth gray clouds that block sunlight; can bring light rain and drizzle are called Stratus clouds
The measure of the amount of heat energy in the atmosphere is called Temperature
A storm with thunder and lightning and typically also heavy rain or hail is called a Thunderstorm
Dark funnel of strong winds that spiral upward is called a Tornado
The condition of the atmosphere at a place for a short period of time is called Weather
A map showing the state of the weather over a large area is called a Weather map
Repeating weather is also known as Weather patterns
A warm air mass rises up over a cold air mass; causes thunderstorms but usually just brings lots of clouds and then light rain and snow. This is called a Warm front
Created by: drechelle2