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Tertiary Activities

Mezzogiorno region

What percentage of the mezzogiorno region is employed in the tertiary sector? 67%
In terms of transport what is a major issue for the region? its peripheral location is a major issue as its lack of developed transport links made it difficult to travel t. its steep terrain makes the development of communication links both difficult and expensive.
What affect has the cassa scheme had on the region? Due to the cassa scheme wider roads began to be built in the region.
How much was invested by the cassa scheme in order to improve infrastructure in the region? 2.5 million Euro was invested
What was the largest construction project completed? The autostrada del sole which linked naples in the south east to milan in the north. This opened a vital arterial link to the richer markets of the north. The austrada del sole stretches over754KM
Name the three natural advantages which allow for tourism in the region? Climate, Landscape, history and Culture
Discuss howone of these factors boosts tourism for the region. The region has a Mediterranean climate which has long , Hot dry summers averaging 25 degrees Celsius, making the area ideal for beach holidays, With winters rarely dropping below 11 degrees Celsius.
Name the historical site that attracts tourists. The ruins of the roman city popmpeii attracts tourists who wish to walk along the ancient streets and find out more about roman culture. greek temples at agrigento in sicily also attract tourists.
Created by: Laura_obrien123