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regional geography


How much of the Mezzogiorno is upland or hilly and why? Some 85% is upland, because the Apenine Mountain Range runs like a spine through centre of Peninsula roughly 2000km. They are an extension of the Alps, which formed 60 million years ago.
What type of region does the Mezzogiorno lie? The Mezzogiorno is in the North of Italy, a Peripheral Region. It experiences Mediterranean climate, greatly hindering it's development of Primary Economic Activities.
Examine the factors affecting tourism in the Mezzogiorno. Mezzogiorno has a Mediterranean climate, meaning Summers are hot and dry, with temperatures of 20-28 degrees. Also,it experiences high pressure. Upland areas, Winter snow leads to growing ski sector, eg: Mount Etna.
Name and explain another factor affecting tourism in the Mezzogiorno. Historical content affects tourism as, the Ruins of Roman City Pompeii attracts tourists, looking for on information on Roman culture. Eg: Greek Temples.
Examine the distribution of Population in a Peripheral Region you have studied. Mezzogiorno makes up 40% of land area in Italy,only having 35% population. Lowlands more densely populated than mountainous areas.
Name and Explain 2 physical factors influencing Mezzogiorno. Relief: 85% Mezzogiorno upland or hilly.- Mountains are an extension of Alps, began forming 60 million years ago. Mezzogiorno receives little rain, limestone folds not been weathered as quickly by carbonation.
Another Factor influencing Mezzogiorno. Drainage:Little Rain and limestone bedrock means theirs little surface water in Mezzogiorno. Limestone permeable, as waters' seeps through rocks, karst regions begin to exist.
Describe and explain the Climate of Mezzogiorno. It has a Mediterranean climate, warm temperate climate. Hot Summers and moist Winters.
Name and Explain the factors affecting climate in Mezzogiorno. Temperature and Rainfall. During July, region experiences high temperatures, averaging 25 degrees Celsius. Due to low latitude affect of Sirocco, a hot , dry wind blowing northwards from Sahara. Winters are mild, 9 degrees.
Rainfall is another factor affecting Climate in Mezzogiorno Rainfall is low in Summer, leading to prolonged periods of drought.
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