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Simplest form of matter Element
The smallest partical of an element Atom
Atom that makes another atom different element has different properties
is 2 or more particals connected together molecule
a substance in which 2 or more elements are held together by a chemical bond compound
anything that takes up space matter
3 phases of mattter solid, liquid, and gas
are close together and can only vibrate solid
such as water, they are farther apart and move more freely liquid
such as air, particals are far apart and free to move in every direction gas
the matter that has a definite shape and volume solid
the matter that fill a container and has no shape, but has volume liquid
the matter that has no definite shape and volume gas
is when the particles in the solid ice cube gain energy and vibrate faster, they break apart and become liquid water solid to a liquid/melting point
the molecules move in a solid move slow
the molecules move in a liquid move medium
the molecules in a gas move really fast
is when the particals in water have enough energy to brak away and become liqiud water liquid to a gas/boiling point
is when the particals don't have enough energy and start to come together liquid to solid/freezing point
is 2 things,particals combines stay individual and yes you can see them mixture
is when 2 or more things mix but you can see one substance but not the other solution
examples of solution sugarwater and salt water
a substance that disolves other matter solvent
a substance that is disolved solute
a solution that has a small solute compared to the amount of sovent dilute solution
a large amount amount of solute compared to the amount of solvent concentrated solution
a substance that undergoes a chemical reaction often by combining with another substance reactant
a substance that is formed in a chemical reaction product
combining oxygen and hydrogen to form water another is wood burning some signs of chemical change
lightening bugs, burning wood, and rust examples of chemical reactant
chemical reaction in which more energy is given off than taken in exothermic reaction
chemical reaction in which more energy is taken in than is given off exdothermic reaction
arrangement of symbols and formulas used to show what happens during a chemical reaction chemical equation
compound that releases hydrogen ions in water acid
atom that contains acid in them hydrogen
a process in which an acid and a base react to produce a salt and water neutralization
set of numbers between 0 - 14 used to measure the strength of acids and bases ph scale
arrangement of symbols that shows both the kinds and number of atoms in a compound formula
compound that releases hydroxide ions when dissolved in water bases
substance that changes color at the certain range of ph values indicator
cleaning products and ammonia examples of srong bases
drain cleaners,liquid soap and sea water charteristics of bases
baking soda and antacids examples of weak bases
Created by: meddinger