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Wolohon Mod 3 II

Wolohon Mod 3 -Part II Test Review

cleanses pores and raises acid level on skin to combat pathogens PERSPIRATION
Rids the eyes of tears, seal and lubriates TEARS
Leading cause of post-op infections STAPHYLOCOCCUS Aureus
Severe diarrhea, bleeding, inflammation of learge intestine COLITIS
Reflex-expels contamination from the body PROTECTIVE
Inhibits the growth of bateria in tears and saliva LYSOZYMES
contaminated Inanimate object FOMITE
First/ fastest way to help eliminate contamination HAND WASHING
Place in disposable containers using "no-tough" passing SHARPS
Human immunodeficiency virus AIDS
Destroys pathogens on surfaces STERILIZATION
Destroys/reduces pathogen growth on peopel ANTISEPTIC
Ear canal protective coating cerumen
Fights with invading microorganisms Normal Flora
Protective protein in blood antibody
Type of isolation that requires a mask RESPIRATORY
Helps hold mucus in place AND is a physical barrier to contaminated particles CILIATED MEMBRANES
Wide variety bacteria treatment BROAD-SPECTRUM ANTIBIOTIC
The STRENGTH of and the AMOUNT of toxins produced by an organism, is the pathogens..... TOXIGENICITY
Protection from the effects of a pathogen IMMUNITY
The movement of liquid removes the pathogens FLUSHING ACTIONS
These two things transmitt disease INANIMATE OBJECTS & LIVING HOSTS
What influences a pathogens virulence? ABILITY TO INFECT & INVASIVENESS
Created by: twolohon