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Wolohon Mod 3

Wolohon-Mod 3 - Part 1 Test Review

Tissue separation LESION
Disease resolution by recovery or death convalescence
An infection that lasts several days, weeks CHRONIC
Infection contracted in a hospital or nursing home NOSOCOMIAL
An infection that is rapid and severe ACUTE
No apparent symptoms Latent
Spreads throughout the body from an inital site SYSTEMIC
Disease that is easily spread from one host to another COMMUNICABLE
Harmful to cells TOXIN
Fever, chills, loss of appetite SYMPTOM
Ability to avoid infection RESISTANCE
Medication to slow/stop the growth of microorganism ANTIBIOTIC
More than one organism MIXED
Not a normal port of entry Intact skin
The period of time between the incident of an infection and the appearance of symptoms. INCUBATION PERIOD
An infection to an existing condition Secondary disease
Infection is limited to one organ or site LOCALIZED
First occurring infection PRIMARY DISEASE
An act to help prevent some infections VACCINATIONS
Capable of producing diseases PATHOGENS
The ability of an infection to harm VIRULENCE
The presence and multiplication of harmful organisms INFECTION
Term used when infection is spread from humans to animals Zoonoses
Normal Port of Entry for a Pathogen Breaks in the skin, nose, genitourinary opening
Special cells in the body recognize pathogens and do what? Destroy them
Created by: twolohon