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arabesque an intricate and often symmetrical design incorporating curves, geometric patterns, leaves, flowers, and animal shapes
antiquity the state of being very old or ancient
annihilate to destroy something completely, especially so that it ceases to exist
accosted to approach and stop somebody in order to speak to that person, especially in an aggressive, insistent, or suggestive way
alleviation to make something such as pain or hardship more bearable or less severe
anomalous deviating from the norm or from what people expect
aught anything whatever
bounden relation to that which binds somebody morally
cordiality friendliness and affection
concision using as few words as possible to give the necessary information, or compressed in order to be brief
countenance somebody's face, or the expression on it
cadaverousness thin to the point of resembling a skeleton or corpse
dilapidation to become, or make something become, partly ruined or decayed, especially through neglect
deficiency the amount by which something falls short of being complete
contemplation to think about something as a possible course of action
encrimsoned a deep rich purplish red color
equivocal open to more than one interpretation, especially in being deliberately expressed in an ambiguous way in an attempt to mislead somebody
gossamer a fine film of cobwebs, often seen floating in the air or covered with dew on the ground
ennuye bored
guttural characterized by harsh and grating speech sounds made in the throat or toward the back of the mouth
intricate containing many details or small parts that are combined in a particularly complex or skillful way
inordinate beyond reasonable limits in amount or degree
inconsistency something that contradicts something else or that is not in keeping with it
importunate continually asking for something, especially in a forceful, insistent, or troublesome manner
luminous emitting or reflecting light
lurid sensational and shocking, with graphic details of horror, devastation, or violence
munificent very generous in giving a lot of money
melancholy feeling or making somebody feel a thoughtful or gentle sadness
malady a physical or psychological disorder or disease
opium a brownish gummy extract from the unripe seeds of pods of the opium poppy that contains several highly addictive narcotic alkaloid substances such as morphine and codeine
oppressive imposing a harsh or cruel form of domination
perplexity something that is difficult to understand, especially because it is complex or part of a complicated whole
peasantry peasants as a class in society
pervaded to spread through or be present throughout something
prominent distinguished, eminent, or well-known
paradoxical a statement, proposition, or situation that seems to be absurd or contradictory, but in fact is or may be true
proprietor the owner of a commercial enterprise or establishment such as a store, hotel, or restaurant
reminiscences the recollection of past experiences or events in speech or writing, or the act of recalling the past
remoter situated a long way away
sternest rigid, strict, and uncompromising
specious appearing to be true but really false
scrutinizing to examine someone or something closely
succumbed give up or give in
sojourn at short stay at a place
solace comfort at a time of sadness, grief, or disappointment
trellised a lattice of wood, metal, or plastic used to support plants, usually fixed to a wall
tenuity not based on anything significant or substantial, and therefore unlikely to stand up to rigorous examination
tremulous shaking, trembling, or quavering, e.g. from fear or nervousness
trepidation fear or uneasiness about the future or a future event
unobtrusive not conspicuous, blatant, or assertive
utterance something said or emitted as a vocal sound
vivacious exhibiting or characterized by liveliness and high spiritedness
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