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Heath Policy IV

ANCC Board Review

Who defines the NPs scope of practice? State Board Nurse Practice Acts
What is the role of state practice acts? they authorize boards of nursing in each state to establish statutory authority for licensure of registered nruses
what determines the NPs level of prescriptive authority State practice acts
What is the role of the American Nurses Association? determines STANDARDS of advanced practice.
True or false: NP scope of practice varies from state to state True Established by individual state practice acts
what is encompassed in credentials required education, licensure and certification to practice as an NP
What does credentialing establish minimal levels of acceptable performance
what is licensure establishes that a person is qualified to perform in a particular professional role
how is licensure granted by state board of nursing
What does certification establish that the individual has met certain standards in a given profession which signifies MASTERY of specialized knowledge and skill
Who grants certification Nongovernmental agencies ANCC, AANP, etc
What organization allowed for NPs to have admitting privileges in the hospital Joint Commission in 1983
What is Credentialing and Privileging process by which the NP is granted permission to practice in an inpatient setting can be full or in part depending on the hospital credentialing committee
What is medical abandonment results from caregiver-pt relationship is terminate without making reasonable arrangements with an appropriate person
what circumstances do not constitute pt abandonment NP refuses assignment due to lack of competence to carry out said assignment and has given proper notice refusal of an assignment of a double shift or additional hours beyond the posted work schedule
What is risk MGMT systematic effort to reduce risk begins with formal, written risk MGMT plan
what are the most common form of documentation in the risk mgmt pan Incident reports
What is a Satisfaction survey a form that allows for identifying problems before they develop into actual incidents or claims; important to track and analyze
A key source of potential risk management information would be Complaints
Two types of satisfactions surveys Patient Employee/practitioner
Who does a risk MGMT tack and manage complaints By identifying the following Persons notified persons responsible for responding and persons responsible for monitoring followup resolution of the complaint
Medical futility is any given intervention that is unlikely to produce significant benefit for the patient
What are the two kinds of medical futility Quantitative and Qualitative
The likelihood that an interventions will benefit the patient is extremely poor Quantitative futility
the quality of benefit an intervention will produce is extremely poor Qualitative
Nonmaleficence duty to do no harm
Utilitarianism the right act is the one that produces the greatest good for the greatest number -least sick treated first in disaster area mentality
Beneficence duty to prevent harm and promote good
Justice the duty to be fair
Fidelity they duty to be faithful
Veracity they duty to be truthful
Autonomy duty to respect an individuals thoughts and actions
what does an NP have to provide the patient if he or she intends to dismiss he or she notification
what are some examples or reasons for discharging a patient abuse from the patient, refusal to pay for services, persistent non adherence to recommended care
Steps for discharging pt 1. certified letter 2. provide general health care for first 15-30 days post-termination
what are the obligations when closing a practice due to retirement or relocation 1. give pt adequate time to find new provider 2. keep all files for 5 year minimum 3. avoid complaints of pt abandonment, provide timely notification, and names of other providers and resources for future cases
how was the NP role developed developed as a result of physician shortages in pediatrics (1960)
What was the first NP program pediatric program developed by Dr. Loretta Ford
What promoted the growth of NP roles and expansion into the hospital managed care, hospital restructuring and decreases in medical residency programs
What is Nonexperimental research "no experiment" design
What categories of research are included in non experimental research Descriptive and ex post facto/correlational research
What is the goal of descriptive research aims to describe situations experiences and phenomena as they exist
Goal of ex post facto or correlational research is to examine relationships among variables
Cross sectional study examines a population with very similar attribute ex: asthma but differ in one specific variable like age. attempt to find relationships between variables at specific point in time
Cohort study compares at a specific point in time. groups are a like in many way but differ by certain characteristics ie men who smoke vs those who do not
Longitudinal take multiple measures of a group/population over an extended period of time to find relationships between variables
Experimental research includes experimental manipulation of variables with utilization of randomized and control group
Quasi-experimental research that involves manipulation variables but lacks comparison group or randomization
Qualitative research Includes case studies, open-ended questions, field studies, participant observation and ethnographic studies exploration oh phenomena through detailed description of people, events, stiuations, or observed behavior
Confidence interval interval with limited at either end, with specified probability of including the parameter being estimated
A patient is shaking a fist in the air in the direction of another person in a threatening manner. This is an example of Assault
what is Battery illegal, willful, violent or negligent striking of a person, his clothes, or anything with which he is in contact
can you commit battery on an unconcious person YES
What is libel defaming, distributed in written material
What is slander Spoken defamation to those who are not the defamed
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