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Secondary activities

Chapter 21; Secondary activities

Infrastructure Lacks investment, development is difficult and expensive, one motorway, lack of routes a deterrent to industry, transport of goods expensive, slow isolates region from Dublin and EU markets, IWA, limited flights, telecommunications limited.
Labour Force Low population density, 25 per km, difficult for industry to choose location, 30% of population lives in urban areas, Galway city 70,000 people, outward migration, one university (NUIG)
Traditional Industry Labour intensive, small scale, prone to job losses, rationalisation, mechanisation, insecurity, e.g construction industry, higher level of unskilled employment, wages are lower, 57% of Roscommon workforce in food processing, kepak ltd, forced to downsize.
Government Intervention Government 1920-1950s protected domestic industry, overreliance on traditional industry, 1950s new laws to discourage outward migration, low corporation tax, category one, high level grant support, structural funds, educational and training, IDA.
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