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Primary Activities


Name and explain 2 factors agriculture in Paris Basin. Relief: Relief and Climate are the 2 factors affecting agriculture in Paris Basin. Relief: Gently sloping lowlands of Paris Basin, ideal for cultivation. Elevation rarely goes over 200m above sea level. Easy access for machinery-Highly mechanised.
Climate: Factor affecting agriculture in Paris Basin Climate in Paris Basin specialised agriculture, eg: cereal farming, Beauce. Moderate rainfall- Springtime and early Summer for cereal growth, eg: Wheat. Warm Summer- crops ripen. Promotes intensive dairy farming. Evenly distributed rain- Long growth.
Name and explain 2 Human Processes in Paris Basin Birth and Death Rates, -Birth: Paris in stage 4 of DTM. Birth rate low- 1.9 children per woman. -population increasing by 0.8% annually. -Government introduced incentives encouraging birth- 170 week maternity leave - High child allowance.
Death rates in Paris Region Death rates in Paris are low. -Life expectancy high both males and females.- Low child mortality.- Low birth rates, Paris population begun to age,moving to senile stage.
Examine factors that influence development of 1 tertiary economic activity in EU region you have studied. Transport- Airports and Road affecting this. Motorways radiate out of Paris,connecting city to other regions in France. -Boulevard Périphérique surrounding city, rd can't be widened.- 1.1& 1.2 million vehicles use road everyday, speed of 40 km\h.
Airports influencing development of transport in Paris Region Airports are well developed in Paris, Eg: Charles De Gaulle, Beauvais and Orly. Promote tourism & international trade for light industry. 2nd busiest airport in EU, handling 200,000 passengers per day.
Account for migration in Paris and factors affecting it. 3 Main Factors -Colonisation, -Rural-Urban migration, -EU enlargement & collapse of communism. -Migrants from former French colonies in West & North Africa moved to region. -Filled labour shortages.
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