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8th Grade Heredity 3

The process by which cells divide is called __________. mitosis
The two copies of a gene inherited from each parent in animal cells are called __________. alleles
An inherited trait __________. can be determined by one or more genes
Asexual organisms differ from sexual organisms in that asexual organisms __________. produce a new organism from a single parent
It might be difficult to determine the inherited eye color of a baby based on her mother and father's eye color because __________. eye color is determined by several genes
The genetic material within the nucleus is found in strands called __________. chromatin
How many chromosomes does the human genome contain? 46
During __________ reproduction, an identical copy of the parent is produced. asexual
The gene for eye color is located in which organelle of the cell? the nucleus
Which characteristic of wolves is MOST likely learned? social behavior
A mouse is placed at one end of a cardboard maze that has a piece of cheese at the other end. The mouse smells the cheese and learns how to find it. The mouse is using an inherited trait to gain an acquired trait.
A plant that has traits identical to the parent plant provides evidence that the plant resulted from asexual reproduction.
When an egg and sperm form an embryo, the offspring that is formed will have genetic traits that are passed on from two parents.
Most organisms contain two alleles for each gene. Which statement is true about these alleles? The alleles may or may not be identical to one another.
The phenotype produced from a pair of alleles is determined by the ______________. dominant allele
During sexual reproduction, the offspring inherit their traits from ___________. both parents
Half of the traits inherited during sexual reproduction come from ____________. the mother or the father
Genetic mutation, which can lead to diversity between organisms, can be caused by __________. environmental factors
The genetic information in plant cells is contained in the _____________. nucleus
Created by: rakhi.kanwar