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privacy,confidentiality,and security

Anonymity The patient right to have private health data collected in a way that can never be linked or traced back to him or her
Audit trail A record that traces a user's electronic footsteps by recording activity and transactions,including unsuccessful attempts to view unauthorized screens, within the EHR system
Authentication The process of determining whether the person attempting to access a given network or EHR system is authorized to do so.
Authorization a document giving a covered entity permission to use protected health information for specified purposes
Business associates A person or entity that person certain function or activities that involve the use or disclosure of protected health information on behalf of a covered entity
Confidentiality The obligation of professionals to keep a patient's information in confidence.
Consent permission given to a covered entity for uses and disclosure of protected health info for treatment,payment, and healthcare operation
Consumer reporting agency An agency regulated by the federal trade commission under the fair credit reporting act that sells or cooperatively exchanges consumer credit info and history
Covered entities Healthcare providers,health plans,and healthcare clearinghouses that transmit health info electronically
Disclosure Giving access to,releasing,or transferring information to a to a person or entity.
Ethics Rules and standards of conduct that govern professional behavior and arise from our shared understanding of morality
Laws Formal enforceable rules and policies based on commun
Minimum necessary standards a key provision of the HIPAA privacy rule requiring that covered entities limit
off-label indication A use for a prescription drug other than that for which the u.s food and drug administrative has approved it.
password a sequence of characters and sometimes spaces used to prevent unauthorized access
privacy The patient freedom to determine when, how much ,and under what circumstances his or her medical information may be disclosed
Protected health information (PHI) individually identifiable health information that is stored maintained or transmitted electronically
Safeguards measure taken too prevent interference with computer network operation and to avert security breaches
Screen saver A program that display animation image on the screen if input is not received for a given time period
Secondary use A use health information that is not directly related to patient care.
Created by: Lauren bozeman
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