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Health Policy 1

ANCC Board review

Mentoring and Coaching instructing patients how to successfully manage their own conditions
Role Modeling Instructing through examples of health care processes
Counseling Instructing patients how to responsibly manage medications, conditions and courses of treatment
Health literacy single best predictor of one's health status
What grade level should medical/health information be written at? no more than 6th to 8th grade
Accrediation guidelines are often laid out by who? The joint commission
Who lays out National Patient Safety Goals and areas of concern Joint Commission
Define Economics How consumers use health care resources and services How patients interact with heath care providers
Top Economic concern Length of stay
What is an MRT Multidiciplinary response team
What is the role of the MRT assembled to deal with emergency situations
What is an RRT Rapid response team
Role of the RRT deals with rapid deterioration of the patient for arrest or respiratory distress stroke etc
Define Meaningful Use (MU) using the EMR to Improve quality, efficiency, and safety Reduce health care disparities Engage patients and family members in course of care Improve coordination of care Maintain privacy and safety of patient heath information
What is Quality Improvement Management process of monitoring, evaluating, continuously reviewing, and improving both the quality of health care delivery and the health status of target population
Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) aims to? promote eduction across six key competencies Patient centered care teamwork and collaboration EBP QI Safety Informatics
Patient Stress Questionnaire assess symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, and ETOH use
What is the PHQ9 Most common screening tool for depression Self ranking system with 9 signs and symptoms one last two weeks 0-3 score 1-4 minimal depression 20-27 severe depression
What is the GAD-7 General Anxiety Disorder 7 self administered screening tool that identifies the need for a complete assessment or anxiety
What score on the GAD-7 would indicate the need for a psych referral > than or equal to 10
What is the CAGE-AID Self-report screening that determines the need for ETOH or drugs assessment Cut down Annoyed Guilty Eye opener
Ramsey Sedation Scale If awake: R1- anxious, agitated, restless R2- cooperative, oriented R3- responsive to commands only If Asleep R4- responsive to light glabellar tap or loud auditory R5- Sluggish response to light glabellar rap or loud R6 No response
What does the Richmond Agitation, Sedation Scale assess? 10 point scale assess levels of anxiety, agitation, and sedation +4 = combative 0= alert and calm -5 unarrousable
Sedation Agitation Scale 7- Dangerous agitation: pulling lines or attempt to remove ETT, climbing over bed, combative 4- Calm and cooperative 1- unarrousable
What does the Mini-Mental State Examination test (MMSE) assess cognitive impairment Draw clock with numbers in a circle and then hands should read 10 after 11 scored 1-6 score > or equal to three represents cognitive deficit
Geriatric depression Scale self-report questionnaire to screen for depression in older adults score > 5 suggests depression
What is the Get up and Go test measures a patients risk of falling core is rated 1-5 with >3 indicating risk of fall
Pain Assessment in advanced dementia Five behaviors observed: Breathing, negative vocalization, facial expression, body language and consolability 1 to 3 mild pain 7 to 10 severe pain
Define Durable medical equipment (DME) equipment or supplies ordered by provider for everyday/extended use
What makes medical equipment durable Durable-long lasting Used for medical reason Usually not useful in someone who is sick or injured Used at home Expected life time is 3 years
What are some examples of Durable medical equipment (DME) Beds, CPAP, Crutches, Canes, Walkers, Beds, Nebulizers, O2 equipment, Suction pumps, BG monitors and test strips, Infusion pumps
Define Assitive device and provide examples primary purpose is to maintain or improve an individuals functioning and independence -Wheelchair -Prothesis -Hearing aids
Define Life support devices used by qualified health professions to support life in critically ill people -ballon pump -ventricular assist -Dialysis -Vent -Transvenous pacing
Define CAM Complementary and alternative medicine which refers to treatments that are used along with, or in place of, conventional medicine Focus on whole person
What is integrative medicine Brings conventional and complementary approaches together
Goals of technology in Nursing are? Enhance scope of practice and evidence-based practice Make practice knowledge driven Capture the tasks performed
What is Nursing Informatics integration of science, computer science, and information science to mange and communicate data, information knowledge and wisdom into nursing
What is Benchmarking comparison and measurement of a healthcare organizations services against other national healthcare organizations
What are the benefits of Benchmarking understand how your organization compares to others sharing of best practices and EBP clinical research outcomes
Define Peer Review process by which practicing registered nurses systematically access, monitor and make judgements about the quality of nursing care provided by peers as measured against professional standards
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