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Pharm1 Chapter27

arrest of bleeding either by physiologic properties of vasoconstriction and coagulation or by mechanical, surgical, or pharmocologic means hemostasis
an inactive protein found in many body tissues and fluids, is bound to fibrin and becomes a component of the clot plasminogen
when plasminogen is activated it produces what? plasmin
what is plamin? an enzyme that breaksdown the fibrin meswork that stablizes the clot
what is a thrombosis called when it travels through the circulatory system? embolsim
what is blood clotting? a normal body defense mechanism to prevent blood loss
inhibit the action or formation of clotting factors, and prevent clot formation anticoagulants
inhibit platelet aggregation, prevent platelet plugs antiplatelet drugs
lyse exsisiting clots thrombolytic drugs
promote blood coagulation, manage conditions for excessive bleeding hemostatic agents
what is the reversal agent? hemostatic agents
turns off coagulation pathway and prevents clot formation? heparin
what are the indications for anticoagulants? prevent blood clot, stroke, MI, DVT, PE
Side effects of anticoagulants? bleeding, NVD, abdominal cramps, thromoctyopenia
contrindications for anticoagulants are? pregnancy, GI obstruction
what is the reversal agent to heparin? protamine sulfate
what drug is useful in long-term prevention of thrombus? warfarin ( coumadin)
what is the reversal agent for coumadin? vitamin k
what are the drugs used for antiplatelet? clopidogrel ( plavix) and ticlopidine ( Ticlid)
this prevents the lysis of fibrin? antifibrinolytic
what are some of the antifibrinolytic drugs? aminocaproic acid ( Amicar)
indications for antifibrinolytic agents? prevention and treatment of excessive bleeding
agents that that break down , or lyse, performed clots are ? thrombolytic
thrombolytic agents have what ending? ase
when do we use thrombolytic agents ? acute MI, DVT, PE, acute ischemic stroke, arterial thrombolysis
Heparin should not be given how? IM
SC of heprin should not be given 2 inches of ? umbilicus, abdominal incisions, unhealed wounds
LWMHS should be given where? SC in abdomen and rotate injection site
when taking warfarin there may be potential interaction with what products? herbal products
why do we need ot be careful of the herbal products? because they can increase the bleeding
what are PT teaching with anticoagulants? regualr lab testing, signs of abnormal bleeding, measures to prevent bruising, bleeding
what foods need to be avoided while taking anticoagulants? foods high in vitamin k
what foods are high in vitamin k? tomatoes, dark leafy green vegetables, bananas, fish
what needs to be taken on an empty stomach? dipyridamole
what can alter the effectiveness of antiplatelet drugs? nicotine
what are some LMWH drugs? enoxaparin ( lovenox) and dalteaparin ( fragmin)
what is the reversal agent for LMWH? protamine
when a PT is on warfarin therpay what medication should be avoided? NSAIDS
what levels are checked are checked while a PT is on coumadin? PT-INR levels
what drug has antiplatelet effects? asprin
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