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Alberta grade 9 curriculum

What is Extirpation? When a species goes extinct in a certain area.
What is Extinction? When a species is completely wiped out and there are none of them left anywhere.
What is biological diversity? Variety of life on earth.
What is a species? A group of organisms that consist of similar individuals capable of interbreeding.
What is species diversity? The number of different species in a given area.
What is Habitat diversity? The amount of different habitats in a region.
What is a niche? An specific organisms specialty within its community.
What is a population? The number of organisms of the same species that live in a particular area at the same time.
What is asexual reproduction? Reproduction with only one parent.
What is sexual reproduction? Reproduction requiring two parents.
What is inheritance? When an organism gets a genetic trait passed down to them by previous generations.
What are chromosomes? Threadlike structures of nuclei acids and proteins found in the nucleus of most cells, carrying genetic information.
What are genes? The parts of a chromosome.
What is DNA? The main part of a chromosome.
What is cell division? When a cell produces two more cells (duplicates) of the same genetics.
What is binary fission? When a cell duplicates it’s DNA to make copies of itself.
What is natural selection? When organisms better fitted to the environment survive and reproduce and the organisms not as well suited die off, creating specific traits within a species. (survival of the fittest)
What is artificial selection? When humans pick animals or plants with certain traits and make them reproduce to refine said traits. (eg. breeds of horses)
What is a symbiotic relationship? Any type of long-term interaction between two organisms.
What is mutualism? When both organisms benefit.
What is commensalism? When one species benefits and the other is not affected.
What is parasitism? When one species benefits and the other is harmed.
What are 5 ways plants can reproduce? Seeds, Budding, Runners, Cuttings, Bulbs, or Suckering.
What is a zygote? When two gametes come together it forms a zygote.
What is an embryo? An unborn offspring that is in the process of developing (comes after zygote)
What is a gamete? A singular sex cell that can come together with another gamete of opposite sex to form a zygote.
What is a dominant gene? An allele in one gene that masks and overpowers the second allele in the gene. It is Physically visible.
What is a recessive gene? An allele that is masked by the dominant gene and therefore not physically visible. However that recessive gene can be seen in offspring sometimes.
What is mitosis? A type of cell division that results in two daughter cells that are both exact copies of the parent. (example: bacteria)
What is meiosis? A type of cell division where four daughter cells are born, but each has only half of the parents genes. (example: gametes)
Created by: JerryRocks780