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UVA Module 8 Voc.

UVA Module 8 Vocabulary

 The process of clearing natural vegetation and replacing it with concrete and buildings Urbanization
Organic matter that can be used as a fuel source Biomass
An area of land between mountains that may have a river or stream running through it Valley
Pieces of bone, shell, or other nonrock material Debris
Formed from sand and other rock particles scraping and eroding away rock to form an arch shape Arch
Lava cooling and solidifying into rock outside of Earth's surface Extrusive igneous rock
Magma cooling and solidifying into rock inside of Earth's surface Intrusive igneous rock
Molten rock outside Earth from a volcanic eruption Lava
Molten rock deep within the Earth Magma
Formed when rock is exposed to intense heat and pressure over time Metamorphic rock
Naturally occurring, nonliving materials including gold, silver, copper, and quartz Minerals
Changes that rocks undergo over time from one form to another Rock cycle
Rock formed from the compaction and cementation of sediment and debris over time Sedimentary rock
Small particles of sand, pebbles, and other types of rock Sediment
A section of underground rock that contains water Aquifer
Low-lying area that may fill with water, forming a lake or inland sea Basin
An isolated hill with steep sides and a flat top Butte
A deep gorge in rock that may have a river flowing through it Canyon
A boundary between the land and the ocean Coastline
Mounds or ridges of sand most often found on a coastline or in the desert Dunes
A valley between mountains Gorge
Surface features created by weathering, erosion, and deposition that make up the terrain on Earth Landforms
A rocky landform created from weathering and erosion Monument
A high, steep face of rock and sediment located in a coastal region Sea Cliff
A cavity underground that typically forms in limestone Sinkhole
An area of land between mountains that may have a river or stream running through it Valley
The permanent destruction and clearing of forests and plant life in an area Deforestation
The process that causes fertile land to become desert-like Desertification
A nonrenewable fuel such as coal, oil, or gas created from the remains of living organisms Fossil fuel
Renewable energy captured through using the heat of the Earth Geothermal energy
General practices carried out by many that affect a very large area and/or number of people Global effect
The actions of a few individuals that affect a small area and/or a smaller number of people Local effect
A natural resource that is in limited supply and/or takes more than a lifetime to replenish Nonrenewable resource
Existing materials that can be re-purposed to make new products Recyclable
A natural resource that is replaceable through a cycle in nature or sustainable practice in one lifetime Renewable resource
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