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LH-Science Test 4

Science Material Test 4

Most living things belong to two groups. What are they? plant and animal
What are the four (4) parts of a plant? flowers, leaves, stem, roots
Some plants have _____ instead of flowers. cones
What part of the plant makes the food? the leaves
What part of the plant makes the seeds? flowers
What takes water and minerals from the soil? the roots
The ____ moves the water and minerals from the roots to the leaves. It carries food to the roots too. stem
What is the flower's job? to make the seeeds
All flowers have _____. pollen
_____ are stems that climb. Vines
What is the largest stem in the plant world? a tree trunk
It takes the work of about _____ leaves to make one apple. thirty (30)
It take the work of about _____ large banana leaves to make one bunch of bananas. twelve (12)
What do we call the green color in leaves? chlorophyll
Name four (4) things a plant needs to make food. 1. chlorophyll 2. sunshine 3. air 4. water
The food the leaves makes for the plant is _____. sugar
What carries water to each part of a leaf? veins
________________ drink water from the soil. (They are very small.) Root hairs
What three (3) ways do seeds travel? 1. wind 2. water 3. animals
True/False: The animal world gets its food from the plant world. True
True/False: Most pollen needs to travel from one plant to another. True
True/False: Roots make food for us. False
True/False: A banana leaf can be as tall as a man. True
True/False: Trees rest in the spring. False
True/False: The tip of a root is not very strong. False
True/False: Without leaves, a plant would starve to death. True
True/False: The bigger a plant is, the more water it needs. True
True/False: Green is the only color present in leaves. False
Created by: PVA 2nd Grade