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Inferior Bottom half of body
Cyanosis Not enough oxygen (blue)
Lateral Lying on side
DCAPBTLSIC Deformities Contusions (bruises) Abrasions / Avulsions / Amputations Punctures Bleeding / Burns Tenderness Lacerations Spine / Swelling Instability (broken bones moving) Crepitus (bones grinding)
Anterior Front half of body
CSM Circulation Sensation Motor
SOB Shortness of breath
NOI Nature of illness
CP Chest pain
OPQRST Onset Provocation Quality Region / Radiation Severity Time
Dyspnea Shortness of breath
Prone Lying face down
Superior Top half of body
PT Patient
Proximal Close to torso
PERRL Pupils Equal Round Reactive Light
NRM Non-rebreather mask
California Poison Control 1-800-222-1222
MOI Mechanism of injury
Systolic (Top blood pressure number) Force of blood out of heart
JVD Jugular Vein Distention
Apnea Not breathing
LOC Level of consciousness
Evisceration Take out an organ
AVPU Alert Verbal Painful Unresponsive
Diaphoresis Sweaty/Clammy
Capillary refill Time it takes for blood to return to capillaries
CPR Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
NC Nasal cannula
Palpate Feeling body parts
Diastolic (Bottom blood pressure number) Force of blood in heart
Auscultate Listen to body sounds
KISS Keep It Simple Stupid
Distal Far from torso
Texture Clammy / Diaphoretic / Dry
Skin color Arms match face
RT Right
Supine Lying face up
Posterior Back half of body
LT Left
Temperature Warm / Hot / Cool / Cold
EMT Emergency Medical Technician
Implied consent No need for consent: - Under 18 - Mental handicap - Altered mental state
CSF Cerebral spinal fluid
Actual consent Consent given by patient
Trendelenburg Supine with legs elevated
SAMPLE Signs / Symptoms Allergies Medications Past med history Last oral intake Events leading up to event
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