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7th Grade Rocks W3

Diamonds are formed when carbon is placed under extreme heat and pressure. This process occurs beneath the surface of Earth.
What are the three types of rocks? Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic
A student examining a rock notices that it has large crystals and shades of colors such as gray and pink. Which of the following is the MOST likely classification for this rock? igneous rock
Over time, coal began to form from many dead plants.
While digging in the side of a hill, students found fossils in the rock layers. From the fossils they uncovered, which was the MOST likely progression of environments in that area? It was first a forest and then became a lake.
In the Four Corners area of the southwestern United States, there are large rocky outcroppings of basalt. These were formed by ancient lava flows. Using this information, what class of rock is this? igneous
Minerals can be identified using hardness, streak, and cleavage because minerals have different recognizable properties.
The crust is the __________ layer of Earth. coolest
Which type of rock is formed when particles are compacted and cemented together? sedimentary
Which type of rock is formed when limestone is subjected to heat and pressure? marble
Which process is included in the formation of both metamorphic and sedimentary rock? compaction
Gabbro and basalt are classified as igneous rocks. Even though the names are different, they have the same chemical composition. Geologists normally use what feature for identification purposes to differentiate between these two rock types? origin
Frost wedging occurs when rocks are broken into smaller pieces by water freezing and expanding in the cracks of the rock. Frost wedging is considered a part of which step in the rock cycle? weathering
Created by: rakhi.kanwar