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Regional Geography

Core region: Paris Basin Secondary Activities

Availability of Labour Force Over 11 million people live in the greater Paris area, with over 22 million people in the Paris basin.
17 universities in the region attract industries. High tech industries can invest in research and development at the universities
85% of research carried out in france takes place in the Paris Basin, with technology parks and industrial estates intergrated
Manufacturing companies locate their headquaters in the Paris basin eg Citroen
Well developed communications Deep water port of Le Harve enables access to the region from the English channel. Modern docking facilities are warehouses have been built along the river, which store large bulky goods
The flat relief of the region means that communication links are easily constructed as they do not have to tunnel through mountains
Straight roads can be built that link to the capital, Paris, making it a nodal point
The region has the best rail network in the world. Trains รก Grande Vitesse (TGV) connects to the major urban hubs of France and also neighbouring countries
A high speed train called the Eurostar connects France to the UK, making EU markets easily accessible
Freight trains can reach speeds up to 270km/h . Since 2015, all trains have swap bodies which allow carriage containers to be lifted directly off the train and placed on the back of lorries
The metro is an undergroud subway which enables workers to travel quickly around the city
Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports allow the import and export of light materials
Created by: Megan k
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