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Regional Geography

Core region: Paris Basin Agriculture

1 factor Climate
2 types of climate Cool temperate oceanic in the west eg.Chartes and continental climate in the east. eg. Reims
how was the climate allowed the development of specialized agriculture in the west?
Summers are warm 16-24 degrees in the west and due to the Atlantic depressions the region receives rainfall throughout the year (800mm)
This oceanic climate is ideal for growing grass which has promoted intensive dairy farming
The winters in the west are mild averaging at 5 degress as the sea has a warming influence on the land.
This allows for a long growing season. This grass growth allows for high stocking rates
how was the climate allowed the development of specialized agriculture in the east? the eastern region experiences colder winters and warmer summers. winters average at 2 degrees. Summers average at 19
Summers temperatures allow crops to ripen
Precipitation is lower than the west (700mm) which promotes the growth of cereals eg wheat and barely in Beauce
Factor 2: How does the soil effect agriculture? Limon soils in the Ile de france allow growing of wheat as they as fertile and easily worked.
Clay soils in Wet Champagne are ideal for growing grass which has led to the development of dairy cooperatives
Dairy farming also takes place along floodplains due to the alluvium soils
In dry champagne, the soil formed from underlying chalk mean its dry and infertile, but is suitable for viticulture.
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