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whale cupcake potato


Clergy people in charge of religious duties, usually “ordained” like a minister
Irrevocably cannot be changed or undone
Sobering serious, sensible, solemn
Redemptive save from a mistake or evil
permeated spread all the way through
yearned want really badly, long for
exclusively only for that person or event
unconscionable not the reasonable or right thing to do
wanton mean on purpose, person is not being egged on or does not deserve it
solace comfort in time of sadness
mutilated violent attack that damages the body
epitome perfect example
hotbed a place where evil can grow
gauntlet an open challenge to the other side
oratory public speaking
complacency pretending not to notice the evil around you, don’t do anything about it
moral deciding if things are right or wrong
partisan supporting a political party usually either Democratic or Republican
unwarranted no support or reason for forcing someone to do something
detrimental harmful or damaging
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