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鉄板 テッパン sure thing
なし うっかり carelessly; thoughtlessly; inadvertently
目の敵 め/の/かたき enemy
音痴 おんち having no sense (of something); being hopeless (when it comes to something)
錯覚 さっかく misapprehension; delusion
揺さぶる ゆさぶる to shake; to jolt; to rock; to swing
潔い いさぎよい/いさぎいい sportsmanlike; gracious; resolute|pure (heart, actions, etc.); upright; blameless
余っ程 よっぽど very; greatly; much; to a large extent; quite|just about to
汚点 おてん stain; blot; flaw; disgrace
悪あがき わるあがき useless resistance; vain struggle
差入れ さしいれ supply of provisions, refreshments, etc. to someone carrying out a task
退ける どける/のける to put something out of the way; to move (something, someone) aside
絡む からむ to entangle; to entwine|to pick a quarrel; to find fault
端折る はしょる to tuck up; to abridge
省く はぶく to omit; to leave out; to exclude; to eliminate
縮める ちぢめる to shorten; to reduce; to boil down; to shrink
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