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GU SYSTEM med-surg


What is urolithiasis? Presence of calculi (stones) in the urinary tract.
Calculi (Stones) are composed of? Calcium oxalate & Calcium phosphate
What are some causes of stone formation? Stasis, retention, immobility, dehydration
What are some surgical treatments for Urolithiais? Stenting, Retrograde ureteroscopy, Percutaneous ureterlithotomy
What are some NON-surgical treatments for Urolithiasis? Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWC) [sounds, laser, shockwave to break up stones]
Define Kegel exercises? Tighten pelvic muscles
What does incontinent urinary diverson mean? And What type of surgery is used? Urine leaves the body in a different manner. Surgery = ileum conduit
Complications of UTI Urethral obstruction, pyelonephritis, CRF, urosepsis, septic shock, death
Treatment for UTI Increase Fluids & Antibiotics
MEDS Antibiotics for UTI fluoroquinolones (CIPRO), nitrofurantoin (MACROBID), sulfonamides (BACTRIM, SEPTRA)
What is Nephrotic syndrome? the excretion of 3.5g or more of protein in the urine per day *large amounts of protein are lost in the urine
Complications of Nephrotic syndrome impaired immune function, nutritional imbalances, increased blood coagulation
What is Nephrosclerosis? thickening & hardening of he renal blood vessel.
s/s of Nephrosclerosis Proteinuria, hyaline casts in urine, renal failure
Treatment for nephrosclerosis reduce BP & treat hypertension. *place PT on LOW SODIUM diet*
What is Diabetic Nephropathy? *MOST COMMON CAUSE OF RENAL FAILURE* begins with increased osmotic pressure due to hyperglycemia.
Diagnostic Tests for Diabetic Nephropathy Serum creatinine level 24H creatinine clearance test *Watch onet protein spillage or microalbuminuria (proteins in urine)
Treatment for Diabetic nephropathy *restrict PROTEIN diet* Kidney or kidney-pancreas transplant (Due to renal failure - PT needs dialysis to maintain life)
Created by: kealeym
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