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8th Grade Heredity 2

Without meiosis, chromosome number would __________ with each generation.
The process by which cells divide is called __________. Mitosis
The cells in the root of an onion divide to increase the number of cells through a process called __________.
Asexual organisms differ from sexual organisms in that asexual organisms __________.
An inherited trait __________.
The genetic information in plant cells is contained in the __________.
The two copies of a gene inherited from each parent in animal cells are called __________.
The chromosomes in the daughter cells produced during mitosis are identical to __________.
The gene for eye color is located in which organelle of the cell?
The genetic material within the nucleus is found in strands called __________.
The Yellowthroat bird has evolved a specific birdcall that can be made and understood by no other species of bird. This is an example of a genetic adaptation through variations in __________.
In most living organisms, including humans, new body cells are made through a biochemical process called __________.
When the limb of a sea star is damaged or lost, the limb is usually repaired. Limb repair in sea stars is due to
A bean plant observed over a period of two weeks increases in size. The plant's increase in size in due to
Which of the following BEST describes how bone tissue is repaired following a broken bone?
A single fertilized egg multiplies in number to form an entire organism, composed of trillions of cells, through the process of
A population of blackbirds in Scandinavia has evolved to migrate to warmer climates in the winter. Evolution has occurred in this population through a
Some behaviors affect only individuals. When a snake moves to the shade to cool off, no other animals are affected. But some individual behaviors also affect other animals. Which individual behavior MOST influences the behavior of a population?
A vervet monkey sees a snake. He then makes a chittering sound to the other members of his troop. The other monkeys respond by looking at the ground. Which term BEST describes this type of behavior?
Which BEST shows how one animal’s behavior affects the way other animals use tree branches?
How does establishing a pecking order benefit the hens in a chicken flock?
Which stimulus causes a porcupine to extend its quills?
Which of the following can occur because of the exchange of homologous chromosome parts during the process of meiosis?
Cell differentiation in developing embryos occurs due to which of the following?
What part of the cell cycle has been disrupted to allow for the formation of cancer cells?
Which factor BEST explains how many diseases, such as cancer, are formed within the body?
Which process that occurs during meiosis contributes to a germ cell having unique genetic material?
Created by: rakhi.kanwar