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Weather/climate v

The condition of the atmosphere at a given time and place Weather
Weather conditions in a region over a long time Climate
one elliptical orbit of earth around the sun Revolution
One complete spin of Earth on its axis Rotation
winds that blow from the same direction most of he time Prevailing winds
the amount of water vapor in the air Humidity
cooling effect that occurs when air is forced to rise over a mountain, resulting in a wetter windward side and a dryer leeward side Orographic effect
the process in which earth atmosphere traps heat energy Greenhouse effect
a wind system in which winds reverse direction and cause seasons of wet and dry weather Monsoons
Areas with no prevailing winds Doldrums
the most powerful and destructive tropical cyclones Hurricanes
permanently frozen soil between the ground surface Permafrost
The groundwater level at which all the cracks and spaces in the rock are filled with water Water Table
rock layers where groundwater is plentiful Aquifer
zone of contact between two air masses of widely different temperatures or moister levels Front
winds around the centers of low atmospheric pressure Cyclones
The time that the earths poles point at their greatest angle towards or away from the sun Solstice
time when both of the earth's poles are at a 90 degree angle from the sun Equinox
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