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Antepartum Review

Hyperemesis gravidarum excessive nausea and vomiting with pregnancy
spontaneous abortion spontaneous loss of a pregnancy before 20 weeks
therapeutic abortion intentional loss of pregnancy before 20 weeks
ectopic pregnancy development of fetus outside uterus
hydatidiform mole chorionic villi abnormally increase and develop vesicles resembling grapes
placenta previa placement attachment in lower uterine section
incompetent cervix failure of cervix to remain closed until fetus mature
abruptio placentae premature separation of the normally implanted placenta
What is the primary risk from hyperemesis gravidarum fetal growth restriction (aka fetal growth retardation) and dehydration
what is the most common cause of bleeding in early pregnancy? spontaneous abortion
an ectopic pregnancy usually occurs in the? fallopian tube
priority nursing assessment for a patient with an ectopic pregnancy if monitoring for? hypovolemic shock
why is long term follow up are important for a patient with a hydatidiform mole? may cause hemorrhage, Hypertension, clotting abnormalities, or cancer (choriocarcinoma)
threatened abortion vaginal bleeding without dilation of cervix or passed tissue
inevitable abortion bleeding and cramping with cervical dilation but no tissue passed
incomplete abortion bleeding and cramping with passage of some tissue
complete abortion passage of all products of conception
missed abortion fetus dies in uterus in first part of pregnancy but expelled later
recurrent abortion two or more consecutive spontaneous abortions
three types of placenta previa Marginal - placenta reaches the edge of cervical opening Partial - placenta partly covers the cervical opening Total - placenta completely covers the cervical opening
symptoms of placenta previa bright red/painless vaginal bleeding fetus may be in abmormal position (breech or transverse) fetus may have anemia or hypovolemic shock fetal hypoxia
abruptio placentae types partial or total marginal (separating at edges) central (separating in middle)
symptoms associated with abruptio placentae concealed bleeding with abdominal or low back pain, dark red vaginal bleeding, uterus tender and board like d/t blood in muscle, uterine cramps DIC (disseminated intervascular clotting)
what is PIH pregnancy induced hypertension
two types of PIH Preeclampsia = hypertension with proteinuria and edema Eclampsia = convulsions occur
what drugs are used for patients with PIH magnesium sulfate = anticonvulsant given IV and continues 12-24 hrs after birth. calcium gluconate = antidote for magnesium toxicity antihypertensive drugs for BP 160/100 or >
drug classification of Magnesium sulfate anticonvulsant as well as a tocolytic
what are nursing interventions for patients taking magnesium sulfate 1:1 nursing, decreasing environmental stimulation, emergency call box, quiet low light environment, padding side rails, admin meds
what is the antidote for magnesium sulfate calcium gluconate
what is the importance of BPP (aka Biophysical profile) identify reduced fetal oxygenation in conditions associated with poor placental function. As fetal hypoxia gradually increases, FHR changes occur first, followed by cessation of fetal breathing movement, gross body movement and finally loss of fetal tone.
when can Rh blood incompatibility occur when RH negative mother births an RH positive baby
the drug given to prevent Rh incompatibility is RhoGAM which is administered at 28 weeks, and with in 72 hrs after birth of Rh positive infant or abortion
ABO incompatibility is more likely to occur in which maternal blood groups if mother is type O and fetus is either A or B
which type of diabetes occurs only during pregnancy gestational
what are predisposing factors for acquiring a diabetic condition with pregnancy obesity, large infant (greater than 9 lbs) maternal age greater than 25 unexplained still birth previous GDM family history of DM fasting glucose 126mg/dl-135 mg/dl or post meal 200 mg/dl
How does pregnancy effect glucose metabolism? hormones and enzymes produced by the placenta increase resistance of cells to insulin and increase speed of insulin breakdown.
what diabetic medications would be prescribed to a pregnant woman? insulin because it does not cross placental barriers like oral medications
what is the standard treatments for a patient with heart problems? consult cardiologist, increase prenatal visits, avoid excessive weight gain, monitor sodium, prevent anemia, frequent rest periods but avoid bed rest, heparin only, antibiotics during labor
what is the main risk to the fetus when mother has heart problem fetus suffers from reduced placental blood flow and oxygen
what should the nurse teach a pregnant patient on iron supplements? 30 mg/ day, take with Vitamin C to help with absorption, do not take with milk or calcium products,
what is the most important thing a nurse should teach a newly diagnosed pregnant TB patient? long term compliance is a most medication treatment of rifampin and isoniazid for 9 months
Why is a pregnant woman more prone to UTI's pregnancy increased pressure on the bladder keeping it from emptying completely and ureters dilate and lose mobility increasing risk
three things a nurse can teach a woman to avoid UTI's increase fluids urinate before and after sex proper perineal cleaning front to back recognize sign and symptoms for early treatment
what is treatment for a rubella nonimmune patient? immunization 3 months prior to conception if possible, if not will immunize post partum
why is it best to treat syphilis early to prevent transplacental transmission
if a patient has active herpes at the time of delivery can she deliver vaginally? no it is only safe to deliver c-section
cytomegalovirus no effective prevention or treatment
herpes deliver infant by cesarean if genital lesions when labor begins
hepatitis B give immune globulin immediately after birth followed by vaccine
toxoplasmosis wash hands and surfaces after handling raw meat, cook meat thoroughly, avoid cat litter
group B strep treat culture positive woman and infant with penicillin
cigarette smoking infant may be smaller than expected for gestation
cocaine severe vasoconstriction causing preterm labor and reduce placental circulation
marjiuana no clearly defined effects
heroin abstinence syndrome may develop in woman or infant
Created by: arogers74
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