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Biology CH1-9 Review

use this to study for the biology final, it has KeyQ and vocab.

What are the goals of science? To provide natural and testable explanations for events in the natural world. Science also aims to use explanations supported by data to understand patterns in nature, and to make useful predictions about natural events.
What procedures are at the core of scientific methodology? Observing and asking questions, forming hypotheses, conducting controlled experiments, collecting and analyzing data, and drawing conclusions.
What is a scientific theory? A tested, scientific explanation of events in the natural world that unifies many repeated observations and incorporates durable, well-supported hypotheses that enable scientists to make accurate predictions.
What is an observation? The process of noticing and describing events or processes in a careful and orderly way.
What is an inference? A logical interpretation based on prior knowledge or experience.
What is a hypothesis? A possible explanation for a set of observations or possible answer to a scientific question.
What is a controlled experiment? Only one variable is changed.
What is an independent variable? A deliberately changed variable
What is a dependent variable? An observed variable that changes in response to a variable being changed.
What is a control group? A group in an experiment that is the same as the experimental group except no variables are changed.
What is data? Evidence; Information gathered from observations.
What attitudes and experiences generate new ideas? Curiosity, skepticism, open-mindedness, and creativity help scientists and engineers ask new questions and define new problems
Why is peer review important? It allows researchers to share ideas. It also allows other scientists to evaluate and test the data and analysis.
What is the relationship between science and society? Applying scientific information involves understanding the role of science context in society and its limitations.
What practices are shared by science and engineering? Although some of the specifics vary, the steps in scientific inquiry and engineering design are basically the same.
What is bias? A particular preference or point of view that is personal, rather than scientific.
Created by: TJ314
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