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enterics test

enterics, non fermenters, bioterrorism, MLT, microbiology

IMViC ++–– E. Coli, Edwardsiella Shigella
IMViC ––++ Klebsiella, Enterobacter
IMViC stands for Indole, Methyl Red, Voges Proskauer, Citrate
A/A, ++–– E. Coli
K/A, ++––, H2S+ Edwardsiella
K/A, ++––, non motile, bacillary dysentery Shigella
A/A, ––++, ODC–, non–motile Klebsiella
K/A; A/A (late), ––++, ODC + Enterobacter
K/A & DNase + Serratia
K/A, PAD+, H2S++, & Urea++ Proteus
K/A, PAD+, Urea+/–, & ODC– Providencia
K/A, PAD+, Urea+,& ODC+ Morganella
A/A or K/A, LAC +/–, H2S +/–, & LDC– Citrobacter
O157:H7 Sorbitol neg
K. pneumo & Proteus mirabilis Indole –
K. oxytoca & Proteus vulgaris indole +
red colonies Serratia marcescens
delayed swarming proteus vulgaris
motile at 25 C & can cause transfusion sepsis Yersina enterocolitica
Media for Y. enterocolitica CIN
CIN = Cefsulodin, Irgasin, Novobiocin
watery diarrhea later bloody with pmns and mucus shigellosis
watery diarrhea with high fever typhoid fever
typhoid chronic carriers lives in monocytes & seeded from gallbladder
Traveler's Diarrhea ETEC
bloody diarrhea no PMNs EHEC, STEC
which pathogen causes the bubonic plague Yersinia pestis
3rd most common isolate proteus mirabilis
associated with fresh water and aquariums Edwardsiella tarda
normal ranges for CSF WBC 0–2/ul, Glucose 45–70 mg/dL, Protein 15–45 mg/dL
CSF ranges in Bacterial meningitis WBCs >1000 (mostly segs), Glucose <40 mg/dL, Protein >100 mg/dL
<20k colonies on a urine culture contaminate
>80k colonies on a urine culture pathogen
if you use a 10 uL loop multiply by 100
if you use a 1 uL loop multiply by 1000
reject sputum if no WBCs & TNTC squamous epithelial cells
difference between KIA and TSI doesn't ferment sucrose
stool PIM for Salmonella and Shigella HE, XLD, & SS
Shigella Anti –A dysenteriae
Shigella Anti–B flexneri
Shigella Anti–C boydii
Shigella Anti–D sonnei
Type of Antigens used to type Shigella Somatic O
O/F Fermenters yellow in open and closed tube
O/F non–utilizers green in open and closed tube
O/F oxidizers green in both tubes & yellow at the top of open tube
flat, spreading, feathered edge, green tinge, grape odor Pseudomonas aeruginosa
pigments produced by P. aeruginosa pyoverdin & pyocyanin
Pyoverdin green, fluorescent
only produced by P. aeruginosa pyocyanin
what antibiotics can be used to treat P. aeruginosa 3rd and 4th gen cephalosporin
K/K, normal flora grows on SBA/MAC/EMB, oxidizer of CHOs oxidase –, catalase +, dead fish odor, cornflower blue Acinetobacter baumannii
distinguish Acinetobacter from Moraxella or Neisseria oxidase neg
beige (green with age) colonies on SBA, ammonia odor, NLF, oxidase –, Maltose + Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
diffuse yellow colonies on SBA, NLF, slow/weak oxidase + Burkholderia cepacia
yellow/beige on SBA, oxidase +, non motile, indole +, causes nosocomial meningitis and septicemia Elizabethkingia meningoseptica
oxidase + with a fruity odor Alcaligenes faecalis
what organism may be purple pigmented and therefore can't test for oxidase or indole Chromobacterium violaceum
two species of Burkholderia genus that are agents of bioterrorism mallei & pseudomallei
rice water stool Vibrio cholerae
halophilic vibrio parahaemolyticus & vulnificus
non–halophilic vibrio cholera & mimicus
el tor serovars of Vibrio cholerae can agglutinate chick RBC
classical serovars of Vibrio cholerae can not agglutinate chick RBCs
distinguish vibrio from enterics oxidase pos
describe vibrio cholerae on TCBS. What CHO does it ferment yellow, sucrose
how is pleisomonas best distinguished form enterics grows on CIN no bullseye
motility of campylobacter darting
colony appearance of Campylobacter jejuni beige, shiny, colonies that run along streaks.
gram stain feature of Campylobacter jejuni gullwing
oxidase +, catalase +, hippurate +, naladixic acid Sensitive & Cephalothin resistant Campylobacter jejuni
rapidly urease positive H. pylori
spread by A/C or cooling towers Legionella pneumophilia
human pathogen that can be sexually transmitted or be normal flora Gardnerella vaginalis
special media for B. pertussis Bordet/Gengou & Regan–Lowe
Bordet/Gengou ingredients blood and potato glycerol
Regan–Lowe ingredients horse, blood, and charcoal
infections caused by Pasteurella multocida cat and dog bite wound, cat and dog scratch wound
grayish, beige with mousy odor on SBA, sick TSI reaction Pasteurella multocida
special media for Legionella pneumophilia BCYE or modified BCYE
Brucella in cows abortus
Brucella in pigs suis
Brucella in goats/sheep melitensis
Brucella in dogs canis
Media to recover Brucella BCYE & Brucella Blood Agar
Media for Francisella tularensis Cysteine blood Agar (CBA or BCA) & BCYE
how are Gardnerella vaginalis infections most often diagnosed? clue cells
how does gardnerella differ from the other ellas on gram stain gram variable
media for gardnerella HBT & V agar
common ingredient on HBT and V agar human blood
best media to isolate Bartonella fresh CA or Horse, Rabbit, or Columbia blood in CO2. in high humidity keep 2 weeks
Bartonella that causes cat scratch disease henselae
non motile bacillus species anthracis
name the genus of aerobic sporeforming bacilli bacillus
pulmonary anthrax woolsorter's disease
cutaneous anthrax malignant pustule or Black eschar
gram stain characteristic of anthrax bamboo spores that don't swell the cell
SBA colony characteristic of anthrax ground glass, medusa head
listeria monocytogenes motility tumbling
L. monocytogenes appearance in motility media umbrella
catalase +, BE +, hippurate +, camp test + (block) Listeria monocytogenes
non motile, appears to have bottle brush motility in motility media Erysipelothrix
diphtheroid means side by side
characteristic GS of Corynebacterium club shape, palasades, chinese letters, very pleomorphic
important for maintaining proper pH of the vagina lactobacilli
normal skin flora Corynebacterium jeikeium
C. diphtheriae appearance on Tinsdale agar black or brown with brown halos and garlic odor
Selective ingredient in Tinsdales agar and Cystine Tellurite agar Potassium tellurite
what are babes–ernst bodies accumulations of polymerised polyphosphates
test used for Corynebacterium diphtheriae ELEK
Media that enhance metachromatic granule production Loeffler & PAI agar
rabbit fever, poor/no growth on SBA, slow growth on CA, Biohazard level III, potential agent of bioterrorism Francisella tularensis
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