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An Scéal - Cluiche

Lár an gheimhridh a bhí ann It was the middle of winter
Bhí mé ag súil go mór leis an gcluiche ceannais sa rugbaí I was looking forward to the rugby final
Bhí an iomaíocht géar The competition was fierce
Mar is gnáth as usual
Bhíomar ag imirt in aghaidh Choláiste na Carraige Duibhe. We were playing against Blackrock College.
Thaistil mé féin agus an fhoireann ar bhus na scoile The team and I traveled on the school bus
Ritheamar amach ar an bpáirc agus chualamar canadh agus screadaíl We ran out on the pitch and we heard singing and screaming
Bhéic na daltaí in ard a gcinn is a ngutha The students shouted at the top of their lungs
Bhí an staid dubh le daoine. The stadium was packed
Bhí an t-atmaisféar leictreach gan aon agó The atmosphere was electric without any question
Bhí an áit chomh ciúin leis an uaigh The place was as quiet as the grave
Thosaigh na himreoirí ag rith suas síos an pháirc The players started running up and down the park
ar nós na gaoithe As fast as the wind
Scóráil sé úd He scored a try
Ba thús maith leis an gcluiche é It was a god start to the game
Bhí áthas an domhain ar an mbainisteoir, ar na daltaí, agus ar na himreoirí The manager, the students and the players were happy
Lean an cluiche ar aghaidh The match continued on
Rinne gach imreoir a seacht ndícheall Every player did their best
Ní neart go cur le chéile There is strength in numbers
Tar éis tamaill, bhí clibirt ann After a while, there was a scrum
Go tobann, sheas buachaill eile orm go fíochmhar Suddenly, another boy stood on me
Rinneadh calaois orm I was fouled
Ní raibh mé ábalta bogadh I wasn't able to move
Bhí mé sínte ar an talamh I was stretched out on the ground
Gan aithne gan urlabhra unconscious
Gan mhoill, tháinig an bainisteoir amach ar an bpáirc Without delay, the manager came out on the pitch
Ghaloigh sé m'ainm He called my name
Ní raibh focal asam There wasn't a word out of me
Gortaíodh go dona mé I was injured badly
Thuig mé go raibh mé gortaithe I understood that I was injured
Thosaigh mé ag caoineadh gan stad, gan staonadh I started crying non-stop
Chuir ár mbainisteoir glaoch ar na seirbhísí éigeandála The manager rang th emergency services
Tháinig an t-otharcharr gan mhoill The ambulance came without delay
Cuireadh ar shínteán mé I was put on a stretcher
Tugadh go dtí an ospidéal mé I was brought to the hospital
Chailleamar an cluiche an lá sin We lost the match that day
Bhuamar an craobh we won the championship
Created by: dcor90