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semester 1

Characteristics of living things cells, requires energy, grows, develops, adapts, reproduces, maintains homeostasis
process of sciene ask a question, form a hypothesis, data, conclusions, peer review
what is science gathering and analyzing the natural world
science study of nature
controlled experiment the variable never changes
chemical Reaction atoms are changed into something different
buffer mixture to put into an acid or base to make it nutural.
species organisms that can produce offspring
population group of organisms of the same species in the same area
niche the job of something
invasive species non native in its environment
ecology study of all nature
peer review someone else looks over the experiment
pH scale measures acids and bases
catalyst speeds up a chemical reaction
hypothesis educated guess
theory something that is the true response
observation information gathered
inference something you logically think will happen
independent variable changed factor
idependent factor that changes as a result of the independent variable
control factor that is not changed, or stays the same
reactant first part of a chemical reaction
product the result of a chemical reaction
solute substance being dissolved in a solution
soluvant dissolving substance
lipids oils and fats
proteins amino acids
carboyrates major source of energy
nucleic acids genetic information
consumer heterotroph
producer autograph
Created by: Kavanr