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LH-Science Test 2

Science Material Test 2

What are 2 items that God gave each animal, so it can do the job He planned for it? 1. Instincts 2. Equipment
Without web-building _____, we would have too many insects. spiders
Where do spiders catch insects? in a web
Webs are made of _____. silk
Name 3 ways chickens help us. 1. They give us meat. 2. They give us eggs. 3. They eat insects.
Owls help us by eating some animals that carry _____. diseases
What are 2 animals that owls eat? 1. mice 2. bats
What do earthworms eat? dirt
The earthworm has no _____, _____, or _____. eyes, ears, nose
How does an earthworm know to move back into its hole if something is coming? It can feel the ground moving (vibrating).
An earthworm's skin must stay _____, or it will die. moist
Earthworms do not have arms and legs to hold on to the sides of their burrows, but they do have small _____ on their bodies. bristles
What are beavers called? animal engineers
Beavers have _____ back feet. webbed
The webbed back feet help the beaver to be a good _____. swimmer
What do beavers like to eat most? bark
What is a beaver's home called? a lodge
How does a beaver warn others of danger? (2 parts to this answer) He makes a loud sound like a gunshot by slapping his flat tail on the water.
What protects a turtle? his shell
What is a baby deer called? a fawn
What does a fawn have to help him hid from enemies? spots
What animal uses hissing and claws to protect himself? a cat
What animal uses his size and strength to protect himself? an elephant
What animal uses a bad odor (smell) to protect himself? a skunk
What animal uses his antlers to protect himself? a deer
What animal uses sharp quills to protect himself? a porcupine
What animal plays dead to protect himself? an opossum
True/False: God gave each animal a special job to do. True
True/False: Spiders make silk in their own bodies. True
True/False: The earthworm is the farmer's enemy. False
True/False: Earthworms breathe through their skin. True
True/False: An earthworm's home is called a pueblo. False
True/False: Animals like to play just like children. True
True/False: All animals build nests False
True/False: Beavers are very hard workers. Ttue
True/False: Beavers build their homes in the middle of ponds. True
True/False: Beaver families do not work well together. False
Created by: PVA 2nd Grade
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