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5th Living Systems

Science Living Systems Unit

How do Monarch butterflies LEARN to migrate to Mexico? They DON'T learn, it is their instinct.
Name TWO behaviors that are a result of instinct: 1 - Bears hibernation 2 - Squirrels getting acorns
Name TWO behaviors that are learned: 1 - Walking 2 - Talking
Name TWO behaviors that are reflexes: 1 - Blinking 2 - Breathing
What are the components that plants use to make food? Carbon dioxide, water and light
What is the function of the Nervous System? The function is to coordinate actions, transmit signals, coordinate other systems and break it into 3 parts...
What are the THREE organisms that make up a food web? 1 - Consumers 2 - Producers 3 - Decomposers
Marine and terrestrial (land) ecosystems are similar in that they both rely on what as a source of energy? The SUN
Marine & land ecosystems both have what 3 organisms? Consumers, Producers and Decomposers
What is the purpose of a circulatory system in animals? To pump blood through their body.
What is the purpose of the respiratory system in animals? So that they can breathe.
Define stimulus: Something in the environment that triggers a message to the brain. It is received through the senses.
Give THREE examples of stimulus: Pain, touch and smell
Define response: Reaction to stimulus.
Give THREE examples of response: Taste, Sight, Temperature (hot/cold)
FUNCTION of the Stomach: Adds gastric juice to food in the stomach in order to break it down.
FUNCTION of the Lungs: Gas exchange.
FUNCTION of the Blood: Carry oxygen to the cells.
FUNCTION of an Artery: Carry blood from heart to rest of the body.
FUNCTION of the Small Intestine: Help releases nutrients into bloodstream.
FUNCTION of the Kidney: Filter cellular waste from the blood and turn it into urine.
FUNCTION of the Heart: FOUR chamber pump that pushes blood around into the circulatory system.
FUNCTION of the Capillaries: Small blood vessels where gasses, nutrients and waste is exchanged between cells.
Which system found in animals is similar to the vascular system found in plants? Circulatory System
Name SIX reasons organisms have features that attract attention of other organisms: 1 - Mere of danger 2 - Aid in seed disposal 3 - Attract a mate 4 - Distract predators 5 - Aid in plant pollination 6 - Warn of bad taste
Created by: iborden