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1-6 root and 7-10 d

ef and roods

VINC. VICT to conquer
PUC PUCT to lead
TRACT to drag
PETO to seek aggressively; to assail; to rush
CIS to cut; to kill
TOM to cut
PUNCT “to sting; to pierce
PEL, PULS to push; to drive
JAC, JECT to throw; to cast
MIT, MIS , send
MOT, MOV to move
VIA road; way
FER “to carry; to bring
PORT to carry, to bring
VID VIS to see
PARI to be visible; to appear
SPEC "to look”
PHAN to appear; to show
HER, HES to attach; to be fixed
FUS “to pour out"
SOLU, SOLV to loosen; to solve
LEG to select, to choose; to gather
FAC, FACT, FIC to make; to do
PROFICIENT Teresa is a Proficient harpist, and she's also a wonderful piano player skilled at; highly knowledgeable of Ant: unskilled
FACTOTUM In my role as office factotum, I served coffee, made copies, called clients, and managed the company s finances. assistant who does a variety of jobs
FACSIMILE The art dealer produced a facsimile of the painting that could hardly be distinguished from the original a copy or imitation Ant: original
FACILE The hook s facile explanation of complex scientific principles will leave readers feeling unsatisfied. too simplistic or easy Ant: Complicated
PON, POUND “to put; to lace; to arrange
EXPOUND We listened to the police chief expound upon the new traffic regulations. to explain or discuss in detail
PROPONENT Is the governor a proponent of stricter gun control? One who argues in favor of; a supporter Ant: critic
STRUCT, STRUE to build
INFRASTRUCTURE The council discussed improvements to the infrastructure of the county tax program. The basic framework of a building or a system
CONSTRUE Alton construed Cindy s thoughtful silence as a rejection of his proposal. to interpret or analyze something in a particular way
CONSTRUCTIVE Matt tried to provide constructive, but honest, advice to his coworkers having a positive effect; helpful Ant: harmful
STIT, STAT to stand
DESTITUTE When my friends found themselves destitute and facing a harsh winter, they turned to me for help. having no money; poor Ant: Prosperous
RESTITUTION After Greg was hospitalized for food poisoning, he sued the restaurant for restitution of his lost wages. payment for an injury; Compensation
STATURE If you want to improve your stature in the company, try working longer hours. level of achievement or authority; standing
PLAC to please
COMPLACENT Susanna saw that the children were becoming lazy and complacent, so she urged them to become involved in volunteer work. satisfied with a situation Ant: worried
PLACEBO Good news on the political front is often a placebo for the stock market, even if it becomes bad news again the next day. Something that has a positive mental effect but no physical effect
PLACID Tara s placid expression never seemed to register the chaos around her. Calm; undisturbed Ant: agitated
GRAT pleasing, earning thanks” or thankful
GRATUITOUS Movies today are often criticized for gratuitous violence, unnecessary or unwanted Ant: important
INGRATIATE Annie suspected that the student was trying to ingratiate himself with his Teachers. to gain another’s favor by flattery or false friendliness
INGRATE When Amber threw down her birthday present in disappointment, she seemed like a spoiled little ingrate. One who is not properly thankful
DOC, DOCT to teach
DOCILE Ruffles, who had previously been the most docile of the cats, suddenly started hissing and biting. easily taught; submissive to instruction Ant: defiant
INDOCTRINATE The cult leader attempted to indoctrinate his new followers in the ways of his teachings. to teach a certain point of view to
DOCTRINE Followers of this political doctrine, believe that war is the solution to most political problems. at which is taught; a body of beliefs or ideas
TEMPER “to temper; to make less severe”
TEMPER Serita tempers her spicy stew with a little milk or yogurt. decrease the strength of
TEMPERANCE Jordan's temperance at the buffet table spared her the indigestion that I got. Restraint or moderation, especially in regards to alcohol or food Ant: Indulgence
INTEMPERATE In terms of climate, the Sahara Desert and Antarctica are two of the most intemperate places in the world. lacking moderation; severe or extreme
TORT, TORQ to twist
TORTUOUS The tortuous road up t e mount in as difficult and dangerous to navigate in the dark. Not direct or straightforward Ant: Straightforward
RETORT When I complained that Paula had given me bad directions, she retorted that I should have used a GPS instead. respond critically or sarcastically
EXTORT Because the corrupt official possessed potentially damaging information about his colleagues, he wanted to extort money from the . to wrongly or illegally force someone to comply with a demand Ant: coax
VOLV, VOLU to roll; to turn”
VOLUBLE Our new recruit was an enthusiastic and voluble young man who would strike up a conversation with anyone. talkative; given to rapid, abundant speech Ant: quiet
CONVOLUTED Sarah looked skeptical when she heard my convoluted excuse for being late. Having too many twists and turns; overly complicated Ant: clear
EVOLVE Our volunteer group started out small, but evolved into a large, statewide organization. unfold; to develop or change gradually Ant: regress
FLEX, FLECT to bend
INFLEXIBLE Some of Greg s students thought of him as an inflexible tyrant because he never allowed them extra time for assignments. too unchangeable in character or purpose ant: flexible
DEFLECT Joe skillfully deflected his opponent’s blows with an upraised arm. to cause to turn aside or away Ant: accept
INFLECTION If you want to make your meaning clearer, try a different inflection on the first words of the poem. change in pitch or tone of the voice
VERT, VERS , “to turn "
ADVERSE We were pleased to have made it up the mountain under such adverse conditions not helpful; harmful ant: conducive
REVERT Annie hopes never to r vert to the bad habits she gave up. to fall back into an old condition Ant: improve
SUBVERT The queen was afraid the rebellious subjects would subvert her authority. to undermine; to corrupt Ant:support
CRIMIN crime, charge of crime
DECRIMINALIZE Eric is part of a group t at is calling upon the government to decriminalize certain drugs. to do away wit legal penalties for
INCRIMINATE If the stolen necklace we found in your drawer doesn't incriminate you, I don’t know what does. to reveal guilt or make (someone) appear guilty Ant:acquit
RECRIMINATION The two friends got into a bitter fight and began hurling recriminations at one another. accusation made in reply; a counter charge
CULP “to blame
CULPABLE Marshall, who ran the Tilt-a-Whirl, considered himself culpable for the accident at the amusement park. deserving blame Ant: blameless
CULPRIT Police currently have no idea who the culprit behind the fire might be, but they have a long list of suspects. one responsible for a crime
MEA CULPA "Mea culpal"said Miguela, with some embarrassment, when she realized that she’d left the car windows down statement uttered to show personal responsibility for a wrong
ONUS, ONER burden
ONUS The onus of proving that this man .was at the crime scene now rests on the detective. burden or obligation
ONEROUS Dr. Lassiter faced the onerous task of telling the patient that his cancer had spread. unpleasant and burdensome Ant: easy
EXONERATE We feel sure the evidence we have uncovered will exonerate Anna to prove not guilty Ant:Condemn, convict
PROB, PROV to prove good; to approve
APPROBATION Ellen won widespread approbation for her work in biomedical research. praise or approval Ant: condemnation
REPROBATE The reprobates who set fire to the forest must be caught and punished. dishonest or immoral person; a scoundrel
REPROVE My aunt Thelma gently reproved me for taking more than my share of dessert, scold or criticize Ant:praise
Created by: ahmedmaryam689