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Leaf Terms

Envrionmental Science

leaves that are staggered or not placed directly across from each other on a twig. Alternate
with leaflets arranged on side branches off a main axis Bipinnate
the flat & foliage like part of a leaf Blade
with leaflets arranged on side branches off a main axis, 2nd def. Bract
leaf with more than one blade. compound leaf
plant of groups of pplants produced by asexual or vegetative production cone
cone bearing the tree of the pine family usually conifer
tree that is decidious, normally completely sheds leaves as needed deciduous
a leaf margin or edge with a smooth, untoothed edge entire
a tree thats usually a gymnosperm evergreen
the ripened ovary of ovaries of a seed bearing plant fruit
most often gree, flattened structure attatched to the stem of fucntioning a principal organ of photosynthesis leaf
one of the leaf like subdivisions of a compound leaf leaflet
projects the shape of a leaf lobe
border of edge of leave margin
midrib the primary rib or central vein of a leaf
short to long narrow leaf of pines, firs, spruces and related conifers. needle
leaves that are placed directly from other on the twig opposite
leaf blades on one leaf stem arranged like fingers on the palm of the hand palmate
a small stalk attatching the leaf blade to the stem petiole
leaf blades on one leaf stem arranged like the veins of a feahter pinnate
with sharp teeth pointing forward serrate
a single leaf blade with a bud at the base of the leaf stem simple leaf
notched on the outer edge of a leaf toothed
one of the riblike vessels in the blade of the leave , usually radiating out of the midrip vein
arranged along a twig or shoot in groups of 3 or more. whorled
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